I've tried for years to get a descent photo of the ice in Icebox Canyon. Today I climbed over thickets of last years dried thorns, down an icy cliff, over a few questionably secure downed trees and as far as I dare onto the volcanic tuff.
Safety tip, Tuff is really crumbly, It's considered a rock but really it's more like a pile of rocks sorta cemented together with ash and sorta not. Never trust the this stuff. I went as far as I dared.

I'll have to look for a different vantage to try again.
There's no access to the canyon from below and downstream. I'll just have to keep trying.

Caution, Icebox Canyon is not to be taken lightly, this is a very dangerous area. Do Not, get yourself in trouble here.
There's to much water and unstable ice at the bottom to enter the canyon upstream, so I tried a few more routs down from the top.
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