One imp aspect that people don’t understand that Hindu society is based on oligarchy & not socialist or welfare ideology like Islam & Sikhism. Hence every crisis or ideology or movement is milked by certain groups. Whole idea is to fool others & make money. Scam is a way of Life
BJP and RSS is using the inherent superstition & irrationality of Hindu society to fool its people & empower own favorite groups. The OBC, Dalits are the main victims of this Scam. The Bania are making the most of the profit followed by Brahmin & others. The whole idea is Scam
The first thing Hindutva did was killed rational Hindus like Dabholkar, Pansare & Kalburgi. These were the Hindus who were awakening the Hindu masses against the upper caste mafia & superstructure that was fooling the Hindu masses by using old superstition & flawed history to Con
Take for instance Islamophobia by Indian media. Its being done because they’re is money to be made. The Jains & the other Upper Caste Hindus are serving the RSS led Brahminical superstructure & they’re also making money by fooling fellow Hindus. It’s all a profitable venture
Just look at the way India & Hindu society has reacted to #COVID19 crisis. Muslims went out of their way to help Hindu neighbors to share food & give assistance in funeral even though its unislamic. Hindus & Jains are refusing to help other Hindus. Many are profiteering from it
Even the Ram Mandir agitation was a scam. It was to bring BJP to power. Millions of rupees were collected for Ram Temple in 1990s. No one knows where that money disappeared. They are again collecting money & donations for Ram Temple again there is no accountability. It’s a racket
The Indian Beef Ban law is also a brought to marginalize local Muslim meat & leather related businesses. Export of beef has not been affected because its led by Hindu & Jain. They ban is to facilitate extortion from Muslim traders hence it’s more to do with money than religion
In adherence with principles of Hindutva & Jains, no surprise that Indians took #COVID19 as an opportunity to commit another scam. Media cashed in on Islamophobia. Ramdev cashed in by selling fake medicine. Modi rippedoff people by #PMCaresFund & Brahmin over charging for funeral
As I said in this thread, Hindutva ideology & Hindu Rashtra is all about exploitation of others. It has no compassion or sense of community welfare. Every tragedy is an opportunity for greed. Not just the minorities eventually they’ll all want to rip off each other #COVID19India
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