America is an idea. We are a revolutionary nation founded on the radical and noble proposition that we are all created equal and endowed with inalienable rights which include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The story of America is deeply rooted in the struggle (1)
to perfect the Union that was born in the unrealized poetry of justice, equality and freedom. Anyone can become an American. All it requires is faith and belief in the idea and the ideals of the country and an Oath of Allegiance. When an immigrant to America swears that oath (2)
the life blood of the nation is renewed. @TuckerCarlson doesn’t understand that the story of American immigration isn’t about what the people who came to the United States took, it is about what they built and left behind. We are not a “blood and soil nation.” We are an (3)
Imperfect nation set on a vast and magnificent continent that is made up of all of the peoples of the world where every language of humanity is spoken every day. We are bound together by our national motto, “E Pluribus Unum,” (out of many one). The American nation has fed, (4)
cured, liberated and lifted more people into freedom and prosperity than any other nation in World history. What binds us is the perfect idea of the country and the unfinished work involved in achieving it. @TuckerCarlson knows this story. He is rejecting it. He is asking his (5)
Followers to drink from a poisoned chalice of old, poisonous and discarded racist bunkum. @TuckerCarlson addressed his audience with pious sincerity as he mesmerized the gullible across his vast “idiocracy” with a story about parents who adopt new children and shower (6)
them with gifts and luxuries while imposing privation on their actual birth children. It was through this doorway that the host of @FoxNews biggest program introduced the tenants of “scientific race theory” to 21st Century America. The ideas are old and are rooted in the essays
of a French aristocrat named Arthur de Gobineau who wrote “ An essay on the inequality of the human races” in the mid nineteenth century. He popularized the idea of the “ Aryan Master Race” and was bereft about the future of humanity because of miscegenation between the (8)
Superior and inferior races. This was all discredited by the middle of the 20th Century but not before 100 million people were killed in the war that was started by the extremist political movement that was in part built on the foundation of de Gobineaus pseudo scientific racism
. @TuckerCarlson knows all of this and so do the White Nationalists, Neo Nazis and Neo Fascists that are now overtly part of the extremist, violent, Un-democratic, “America First Movement” that remains a grave threat to American democracy and is indisputably led by Donald Trump.
Trump is out of power but we are not out of danger. The movement that he leads is formidable and the dangers it presents us are considerable. The political battles ahead will be shaped by ideas. There is no idea more powerful and no goal more worthy of reaching than the
Promise of America. We must fight for it or we will lose it under the fusillade of lies, conspiracies and old poisons that boil in a seething stew of grievance, victimization, entitlement and self pity that fuel Trump’s anti democratic extremist movement that is alive and well
in America this morning.
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