For almost two years now, my friend and I have been developing an Action/RPG game in the genre of medieval fantasy We want to draw additional attention to the project through #NFT with #NFTCommunity, give it a second wind and attract some help

Sit back the story begins (thread)
Probably each of us has a dream. Someone dreams of being successful in their profession, someone sincerely dreams of becoming rich, and someone wants to become a virtuoso violinist.

My dream is to tell people a unique story of a fictional world that is more real than it seems.
Anyone can exist in this universe, and you never know what kind of threat he carries, we are afraid of spirits, spiders, or even insects .. But we often forget that there is no beast more dangerous and more insidious than man.
The idea originated more than 6 years ago and gradually acquired details in the form of concept art, text notes about the universe and stories based on it.
Almost everyone told us that only madmen could take on such a project together if you are not having AA budgets And we are just that. Sometimes we are joined by enthusiasts who helped us a lot to move forward, but unfortunately the enthusiasm tends to fade away.
And this is absolutely normal, this is how the world works. But in spite of everything, the project goes further and develops over time.
To be honest, I can write and talk about it for hours, but the format .. it makes you compress your thoughts and convey only the very essence. Therefore... was a little background. But what about the game itself?

Another Way is a nonlinear Action/RPG from a third person’s view with interactive movie elements, crafted in the best traditions of medieval Fantasy.
Game’s setting takes it’s beginning in classic fantasy books and legends. It is as close to european medieval culture as it’s possible, and actually goes beyond it.
It’s a brand new world, with it’s own unique bestiary, ethnicities which have their own customs and traditions.
This is a game about courage and cowardness, joy and pain, feast and famine, loyalty and treason....
For now we need to finalize the vertical slice for a few hours of full-fledged gameplay. To do this, we need to attract some money to purchase missing items (services of specialists) and we hope that we will succeed.
We decided to try to do it through NFT, you can find artwork from Another Way on 3 different sites.

Also if you are an artist, musicians, or any relative to it, and you want to join our team, feel free to DM me)
I understand that this is not a twitter format, but thanks to everyone who read to the very end. All the best and prosperity!

And, btw, english is not my first language, so I apologize for the grammar. )
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