✈️ Outbreak—47 positive #COVID19 of a 188 seat Vistara flight from New Delhi to Hong Kong have tested positive, after all tested negative 72 hours prior. The scariest thing? Only 8 detected before began quarantine. 39 only identified later during hotel quarantine, 22 at day 12!🧵
3) Even more scary detail, of the 47 cases, 22 of the cases were only discovered on day **12** of the hotel quarantine testing!!!

Ummm, what if—14 days might not be enough to find and block all border entry? https://onemileatatime.com/flight-coronavirus-record/
4) to be clear, it possible not all transmission occurred during the flight. Some may have occurred after the initial 72 hour pre departure time window after they got tested. India cases increased 60% each week for the last 2 weeks. But this is why our border testing is leaky.
5) So, it could also be hotel transmission to some degree too. Hotel room cross infections have been observed in Australia’s hotel quarantine system too. https://twitter.com/drericding/status/1383251471760707586?s=21
7) India 🇮🇳 right now... two consecutive weeks of 60% week by week increase in a row. That is quite exponential, and much faster than before. Don’t be deceived by the graph below—it’s % increase per week vs previous week. Deaths similarly increasing week by week too.
8) Same time, there are no testing requirements not to mention zero quarantine requirements at the US and Canada border where 30,000 truckers pass daily!! #cdnpoli https://twitter.com/drericding/status/1383244635124862986?
9) let this sink in— nearly every single flight from India to Toronto had a passenger who tested #COVID19 positive. And 1 in 3 total international flights. Insane.

We need stricter border controls and border entry quarantines now everywhere! https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/nearly-every-india-to-toronto-flight-this-month-carried-covid-passengers
10) We need to also both test and protect airport janitorial staff who clean these internationally arriving flights.... case in point... https://twitter.com/DrEricDing/status/1384467724210999296
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