I just found out that WBL ebook can be bought on another platform & read on Google Play Books! To all those fans who tagged me previously, saying it's not available on your Play Store, you may use this!

#WeBestLove #FightingMr2nd #No1ForYou
You may still use the Google Play Book app to open the file, so you can use the GTrans function! The Play Book app is available for download on Apple devices too 👍🏻
If you are purchasing the ebook from http://books.com.tw , you cannot log in via FB. You've to create an account before linking it to your FB. You can use this link to create your account: https://cart.books.com.tw/member/join_step1/?loc=customer_002&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.books.com.tw%2F
After you've added the books into your cart, you can submit your purchase & fill up the following details. Fill up the blanks that have been highlighted in BLUE. For "local calls", you have to put country code + area code + phone number.
Regarding the "local call"

eg. SG's country code is +65 & we don't have an area code. We have 8 numbers in our phone numbers. So we will key in "6512345678" into the "local call".

The website system is very strict with the phone number format, so you cant add any "+" symbols!
You can follow this thread for the rest of the instructions! https://twitter.com/zeljkahiter/status/1385278327938818055?s=19
You can follow @anotherBLtrash.
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