Andrew Sullivan's tweets from today are really quite breathtaking—he spent the evening both attacking people for claiming he believes in innate racial differences in intelligence and mocking people for suggesting that innate racial differences in intelligence don't exist.
I may do a detailed exegesis of this stuff later, but just go look. I defy anyone to construct a coherent narrative of the affirmative case Sullivan is making about race and intelligence out of the stuff he said on here today.
None of this is new with him, but usually he lets a bit of time elapse between the "I'm not a racist" rants and "if you don't believe in innate racial difference you don't believe in science" rants. Tonight he did both at the same time, and it's really something to see.
Don't have time to unpack Sullivan right now (maybe later, more likely tomorrow or the next day, if anyone still cares). But it seems like this thread is beginning to get traction among his allies. Hi!
If you want to know what I think about race and intelligence, and why Sullivan's understanding of the issue isn't just wrong as a matter of data but fundamentally incoherent as a matter of framing, start here:
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