Over the past two+ weeks we have been hearing and reading a lot about what all has collapsed around us. If like me, you are also willing to do your bit to make things work, here is a 🧵 on what can still be done.

Remember, *we* are the system so it's not completely broken yet.
1. Personal connects work wonders, somebody knows somebody knows somebody. Tap into this chain, from personal experience this has been the best way to get things managed. The willingness of people to help has been beyond expectations every single time. You need only ask.
2. Hyperlocal works over anything Central - Reach out to your local medical store first, familiarity breeds empathy in this scenario and have seen folks go out of the way to arrange things. Be kind and return the favour next time. 🙏🙏
3. Don't forward stuff on WhatsApp without actually ensuring it works. Understand that the person in front doesn't have time to check 20 phone numbers on a webpage. If you genuinely want to help, do the hard work and find the one that works on that list. (contd)
(Contd) Better to do the first talking so that there is less disillusionment for those who need it. This is very important, one verified connect beats all unverified ones hands down. Quality over quantity folks!
4. Share the word for requirements in specific way (next tweet). This helps a lot to cut follow up questions, saves time, saves lives. But don't play God here, all requests deserve same attention.
I ask for details in this format. H/t @DeoSahil for this.
Name of patient:
Contact name:
Contact no. (please don't give patient's number)
Exact requirement: Hospital admission/ICU/Ventilator or specific medicine
Oxygen level:
HRCT Score (if available):
5. Once you have captured this information, share this on your WhatsApp status, have seen a lot of folks reach out with leads via that channel. If you are active on other social media platfoms, put it out there as well. *without personal details of the patient.* Sample 👇

Tag local authorities, MP/MLA, aspiring politicians and handles of civil servants in the area concerned. Will this help? No idea, but no harm in trying either.
6. One of the best help today is to mask up, stay indoors and avoid crowds because this is one time when doing nothing also counts a lot.

Remember, *we* are the system and it's not broken till we give up on it.
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