April 21st OPTION: Halton Regional Council has expressed strong concern about loss of agriculture land and negative impacts that growth beyond the existing settlement area boundary will have on future food security 1/8 #TheBigSprawl #StopSprawlHalton
The COVID-19 pandemic has increased awareness of the loss of security our society suffers when we allow ourselves to become dependent on other countries
for essentials 2/8 #onpoli
The technical analysis associated with Concept 3 of the Growth Concepts Discussion Paper has demonstrated that all population growth and a considerable
proportion of employment growth to 2051 could be accommodated within the existing
settlement area boundary 3/8 @BrentToderian
A greater proportion of employment growth can be accommodated in the existing settlement area boundary if Mixed Use is used to model land use for
employment 4/8 #CompactCities
A Climate Emergency was declared in 2019 by all local municipalities in Halton (Burlington, Halton Hills, Milton, and Oakville) and the Region of Halton 5/8 #ClimateEmergency
Accommodating growth through 2051 within the existing settlement area boundary is a positive way to respond to the Climate Emergency 6/8 #HaltonON #ClimateAction
THAT Halton Region be requested to develop and add to the public consultation work an analysis that builds on Concept 3 and proposes to accommodate growth to 2051
based on no expansion at all of the existing Halton settlement area boundary. 7/8
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT Halton Region be requested to provide an assessment of the relative impact on greenhouse gas emissions that would reasonably
be expected to be associated with each of the Growth Concepts 8/8
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