1/N I am reading "Braiding Sweetgrass" by Robin Wall Kimmerer with @RoamBookClub v4.0 lead by @Jeanvaljean689

While at first, the book puzzled me, I now see that the author is asking me to hold a braid while she gently weaves together science, culture, sociology and history. 🧵
2/N I feel similarly to @maggied:
Kimmerer storytelling makes it hard to find highlights, as when you find an exciting thread, the conversation that resonates with you goes on for pages and pages.

It isn't easy to distil personal notes out of such a well-interwoven narrative.
3/N @Dramagirl and @Jeanvaljean689 (hopefully I did not forget anyone), at the end of the session, started talking about compression, distillation and synthesis.

It will be hard to limit the loss of information. But by nature, these processes lead to a level of loss.
4/N "Learning the Grammar of Animacy" was a reminder of how language shapes how we see the world. Words matter, and after 10 years of speaking and writing in another language, I don't think I still learnt how to use words properly.
5/N This was one of the strongest examples of how language can slowly shape a person perception of the world to the point of shaping reality. https://twitter.com/rossopeter_/status/1354545333909549059?s=20
6/N Subtle changes in how we use names and pronouns establish a different relationship with the world we live in. I wonder what comes first: our perception of the world or the language we used to depict it?
Likely they slowly build on each other.
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