nsfw, dubcon, noncon elements

o!katsuki being talked into "oh letting any alpha fuck you is actually so powerful because you know ~society~ expects you to be a virgin until you mate" by an older boy that wanted pussy
then being told sex is all he's good for, "thank fuck you're a good lay, can't imagine actually dating you."

"Thats it whore, just fucking take it."

"Fuck yeah, good lil slut huh? Perfect."

"Look so fucking ugly, put your face in the pillow before i get turned off."
he's so touch starved he begins to only see himself as worth being around if he's giving it up

so when deku and kiri go into rut during a mission katsuki lets them use him
kiri blabs to kami who lets the rest of the school know (not maliciously)

Katsuki getting cornered in the bathroom and he lets the alphas use him

then more come and he can't take anymore, his hips hurt and he tries to tap out but doesn't want to be weak

they leave when they+
hear Aizawa and Nezu's voice in the hall

katsuki curls in on himself, trying to rationalize it, that alphas need this and hes strong for taking so much

something damp hits his face, a wash cloth.

Shinsou's hovering above him

"Can you stand?"

"Go away puff ball."
Katsuki can't remember if he's an alpha or not

"Aw jeez, such a warm welcome. I have sweatpants in my bag if you want them"

Shinsou doesn't look at him while he cleans up and takes the offered pants

"W-Were the voices you?"

"Mhm, been training so i don't need my support gear"
"Oh." Katsuki sighs and washes his face. "Why'd you come in here?"

"To stop what was happening. Monoma was-"

"I know what he says. Don't bother. The hell is it your business?"

"Its not but," Shinsou shrugs, "I made it my business."

"Well stay out of how i run my life."
"Are /you/ really running it?"

"Don't fucking slut shame me. You're not any better than me just because i own my shit."

"that's why you were crying?"

Katsuki shoves him out of the way and stomps off

only to seek him out a few days later and shoving the sweatpants back at him
monoma saw the exchange

everyone thinks Shinsou fucked him after that, monoma lies and says shinsou must've spent katsuki's heat with "the slut"

but something about that gets everyone to leave katsuki alone

and katsuki likes it. with everyone thinking shinsou has some claim+
on him he finally gets some space. no one asks for his help during ruts

no one makes jokes at his expense. he can train in peace

he waits for shinsou after his training with aizawa

"Hey puffy the magic dragon, wait up."

"What? You have pointers or something?"
"No. We need to talk."

"About what?"

"You know /what/." Katsuki hisses, clenching his jaw

"No idea." Shinsou yawns and starts walking away

Katsuki catches his hand and curses under his breath

"Will you just hold-"

He freezes when he sees some of the guys from the bathroom
Shinsou yanks him to walk on his other side, furthest from them and keeps a tight grip on his hip

Katsuki watches him flash massive fangs at them

spooking the alphas enough they change directions

Katsuki goes quiet, holding his jacket close as searing hot shame washes over him
Shinsou's cheeks are pink when they enter his dorm room

"Wow... they even let the class B losers in the do-"

Shinsou shuts him up with a kiss, feather-light hold on his neck

option to pull away at anytime but katsuki melts against him instead

"Did you need something?" he asks
"Uh tch, um yeah. The hell are you telling people?"


"Well no one's been bugging me, s'weird."

"You're welcome."

"Not fucking thanking you."

"Do you need a shirt or something for your nest?"

"Psh, no!" Katsuki snaps. "I don't do that shit."

Shinsou just hums
Katsuki leans against the wall and glares at him.

"M'not that kinda omega. Stop tryna force me to be all traditional. M'not like that."

"Instinct doesn't mean traditional Bakugo." Shinsou rolls his eyes.

"How come you haven't bugged me for your rut?"

"I don't get one."
"But you're an alpha."

"Mhm, but with my quirk I've had to be really careful." Shinsou slowly moves closer, showing off his dripping fangs. "And I don't spend much time with omegas so just your scent now is impacting me. I get a shot every three months to skip it."
"You're quirk?"

"I know you're not dumb. An alpha with a mind control quirk? In rut? What's not clicking?"

"Why does it matter?"

"It matters because I don't want it unless I find my mate."


"No Bakugo. I don't care what other people do but for me,+
/myself/, I don't want to. It doesn't interest me unless its a forever thing."

"Are you embarrassed? Got a micro dick or something?"

"No, I just don't want to do that unless its with someone i trust. End of story." He shrugs, "I don't care if my mates had others. Its just me."
Shinsou digs through his hamper and holds out some jeans and a couple shirts.

"If you go into heat or decide to try nesting, here. Or if you just want people to leave you alone."

"Just scent me."


"Why not?"

"Bakugo," He pinches the bridge of his nose. "No."
Katsuki takes the clothes and chucks them back at him, turning to quickly leave. he's not used to no.

Something in him drops through his stomach, through the floor. Shame, embarrassment, rejection. All of it crashes into him at once

he forgot no was truly an option, he's angry+
but mostly at himself.

katsuki showers back at the dorms, trying in vain to scrub that puffball's scent from his skin

for some reason it sticks to him like no other scent has

he gets back to his room and stares at his neatly made bed. he's not going to nest

its lame, nesting+
is for homemakers, omegas that want to be bound to an alpha and a knot

his lower lip trembles. he can't shake the dirty feeling gnawing at him

shinsou's just taking the easy way out by waiting, no idea what he even likes

but katsuki knows himself, knows his body
he hates the way alphas hold him down, hates how loud they growl in his ear

hates when they call him a whore and a slut

hates how no one ever stayss after or checks on him

hates being all alone cleaning up messes they made

hates having sex with people he doesn't love
but at this point its too late. he's not about to turn coward and not live up to his reputation

there's power in taking any alpha, right? there has to be

its something else that makes him feel awful after

but being left alone, assumed to be claimed has been nice
something warm and wet spills down his cheeks

he barely holds it in as he dresses himself, barely makes it to bed, burying his face in his pillow before letting out a wail

his body trembles, things held in for so long pouring out at once

he'd have nothing if he just did what+
expected of him

he wasn't a "pretty" omega or "well-behaved"

to some alphas even his cunt's ugly, too dark pink and chubby

finicky clit that's apparently "too hard to find"

ugly scent probably given the stinging rejection

probably couldn't make a nest even if he tried
katsuki will never admit he cries himself to sleep that night, will never admit he'd /ever/ let any of these extras get to him

in the morning he takes a deep breath and swears

if no one wants him then fine, no one gets him

he has hero work to do anyway
he catches the purple bean pole staring a few times during joint training

he snaps at kirishima for touching his hips, bites denki's head off for suggesting he get laid

kiri apologizes and denki tries to talk to him after, see whats wrong be hes not having it

he's fine
until they have to spar with class B counterparts

Katsuki goes a couple rounds just fine until he matches with Shinsou

the alpha seems hesitant, whispering to Aizawa

"Get in here you purple piece of shit, unless you want me to blast you from here."
The smell of faint pine and overwhelming lavender makes his chest clench

Katsuki snarls

"Katsuki I don't want to hurt you." Shinsou calls out

Katsuki isn't stupid, he isn't weak, he /isn't/ hung up on a purple haired loser he barely knows

He launches himself at Shinsou
Shinsou lets him

Doesn't seem to want to win and that just pisses Katsuki

Still his palms never do more than crackle as they wrestle on the ground

slick gathers between his legs as Shinsou's touches remain gentle

his eyes just seem concerned as rage boils under katsuki's skin
a capture weapon wraps around his wrist and katsuki snaps

he slams his forehead into hitoshi's but he barely budges

just bares his fangs and wraps his arms around Katsuki's middle, rolling onto his back

Hitoshi traps Katsuki in a straddling position, firm but still gentle
infuriatingly gentle

"Fuck you, fuck you, I fucking /hate/ you." katsuki hisses through gritted teeth, trying to break free before hitoshi's capture weapon completely traps him. he swears Hitoshi whimpers

"Relax." The command is simple and makes Katsuki's muscles turn to lead.
his eyes glaze over as Hitoshi gets up and carries him out of the room

his mind's still going, but at a snails place. his inner omega is purring like crazy with how secure shinsou's holding him

"I'm taking him to the nurse." Shinsou's voice is crystal clear but whoever replies+
is barely audible to Katsuki

just Shinsou and nothing, all his senses can take in are the alpha

He must make a noise because Hitoshi smooths a hand over his back

they don't stay at the nurse's for long. Hitoshi gets ice packs before taking katsuki to his dorm room
Katsuki feels tears well in his eyes, hating himself for being so emotional

he fully expects shinsou to yell at him, call him clingy or stupid

instead he's lowered into a nest, a really shoddy nest

"Stay still."

so he does

Hitoshi undresses him, takes his shoes off
Katsuki holds his breath as he lays out, vulnerable in the nest with only his black boy-shorts on

shinsou doesn't stare at him, even though the smell of slick is so strong it breaks through whatever haze hes in

shinsou dresses him in fresh clothes, a big hoodie and joggers
clothes that belonged and smelled thoroughly like Hitoshi

then Katsuki's senses come back to his control

"What the fuck?" He asks, still not moving.

"You look like shit."

Katsuki clenches his jaw and huffs, rolling to face away from the alpha

"Why do you care?"
Hitoshi doesnt respond and Katsuki curls into himself

Then the bed dips and theres a presence behind him

"Are you coping okay?"

"With what?"

"What happened in the bathroom"

"I was fine then and I'm fine now"

"Dont lie." It edges on command, katsuki can tell hes holding back
"I'm strong enough to handle any alpha. I didnt care. I still dont."

"You told them to stop and they didnt."

"Shut up. You dont know me."

"I know you've been more social since having my scent on you. I see you eat lunch now."

"No one bugs me."

"Sex shouldnt be a chore."
"Tch. You dont get it."

"Then explain."

"Society expects me to sit around and wait for one special guy. I'm not about to give any one knothead the ability to change me. So if I let anyone do it then it's not special. Loses its power." It's rehearsed and hollow at this point
Katsuki believe some of it but wonders if hes done it wrong given how disgusting he feels

"You can subvert expectations without sacrificing your boundaries." Hitoshi says softly. "You dont have to wait to be courted. You can date casually or have one night stands..."

"No but. You can do that stuff. Sex is about wanting it and feeling safe. Otherwise it's not really sex."

"What the fuck else would it be?"

"Assault. If you dont want it or stop wanting it, it stops being sex. I'm going to ask again."


"How are you since the bathroom?"
Katsuki bites his lip and takes a shakey breath.

"I dont know. It's been nice not touching anyone or having to go along with it because I didnt want to be a prude or tease."

He wraps his arms around himself.

"I have nightmares about it where they didnt let me get slick
Or +
where more come in and they dont listen. I feel that same kind of helpless fear like with the sludge villain and LOV. I hate it. Hated I needed to be saved."

"I'm glad i could help. I've been worried for you but I know you're capable"


"You looked distant." He shrugs
"Anytime an alpha talked to you, you looked like you were dreading life."

"I'm damned if I do, damned if i dont."

"I mean like i said you can have casual sex that isnt miserable. You dont owe anyone. You can date and not mate with them. But just do it for you."

"Why what?"

"Why tell me that shit? Since you told me you were waiting I've felt like shit. I was fine before."

"I'm being honest with you because it seems like someone wasnt. If you really want to go against expectations then completely disregard them. It's that easy."
Katsukis expression twists in displeasure

"Do whatever you want. Just make sure you /want/ it."

He leans closer to Katsuki, making a soft noise in an attempt to soothe him

Katsuki twists so hitoshi wont see him cry

He wants hitoshi but he feels used. Used front the first boy+
he slept with, used by his friends, used by anyone that wanted to.

He let them because he thought itd make him feel strong or more comfortable

All it did was make the thought of dating or courting remain out of reach


"I feel like I'm too late. I dont even know+
what to want. I dont want to get my hopes up just to get shot down again."

"If you could have anything what would you want?"

"Tch. A stupid alpha thats..." katsuki swallows his flimsy pride. "That's patient and kind. Whose touches are gentle. Who isnt in a rush to fuck me."
"I want them to stay the night and be there when I wake up. I want to joke with them and eat with them and be sweet when it's just the two of us... I want to feel like enough of an omega. Like I'm effortlessly good at being an omega. Not that they'd care if I wast."

hums and slides his arms around Katsukis middle

"Stop." Katsuki whispers and to his surprise Shinsou pulls back but not away.


"Dont get my hopes up. You dont want someone like me. Even my scent's bad right?"

"You smell like a sweet campfire when you're in a good mood"
Shinsou shifts a little. "In a bad mood you smell like burnt sugar and cinnamon. Its harsh but not the worst. It was bad in the bathroom but you were distressed."

"So why wouldnt you scent me?"

"I didnt want to get my hopes up. You've always seemed untouchable. Didnt want to +
weigh you down. My quirk isnt flashy or physically powerful. You didnt know I existed until the sports fest. Even then I doubted youd remember me"

"So why'd you help?"

"I wouldnt have let anyone get hurt like that. Smelling you only made it feel more urgent"

Katsuki rolls over
Hitoshi glances at him. "I didnt want you to feel like you owed me so I didnt want to scent you. I wanted to but wouldnt let myself."

"You're weird."

"You think?"

"And stupid and kind and patient."

"You want to kiss me so bad, dont you katsuki?" Hitoshi teases then freezes
They share a blush before avoiding each other's eyes.

"And what if I do?"

"No. And before you get bent out of shape it's because I have a date in mind."

"So we cant kiss now?"

"I want it to be memorable."

"I'm in an alpha made nest. Thats memorable enough for me."

"Yeah. I'm sure." Katsuki shifts closer. "I want you to kiss me and hold me like you were trying to a little bit ago."

"Got it boss." Hitoshi teases before closing the gap and brushing their lips against each other.

Katsuki huffs and yanks him closer to deepen the kiss.
Hitoshi snakes his arms arm Katsuki's middle and nips at his bottom lip

Katsuki smirks and hooks a leg over his hip before pulling away.

"Am I your first kiss?"


"Tch. Whatever. I'll be your last." He grumbles, pressing his cheek to Hitoshi's chest and letting out a purr
barely audible but the vibrations are met with some from Hitoshi

A low chuff as the alpha slips a hand under Katsuki's shirt to splay over his back

"Watch that hand or you'll lose it." The tone is off, Katsuki's nervous to make demands

it'd crush him if shinsou didn't listen
so its easier if he just didn't set limits, can't cross a line if it doesn't exist

Hitoshi kisses his temple and sighs

"You can set boundaries. Just because you like me doesn't mean I get to do anything to you. Vice versa."

"Why not?"

"Because this is going to be equal."
Katsuki rolls his eyes and sits up, scowling at him but otherwise remaining quiet

"Ugh, I mean, even if we date, it doesn't give either of us permission to do what we want. A relationship is about what we both want."

"So if I want to eat lunch with you?"

"We can do that."
"What if I want to drop you off at your class?"

"Can I get a kiss goodbye in that case?"


Shinsou smiles and rolls onto his back, using his arms as a headrest.

"What if I still want to wait?"

"Wait for what?"

"Wait to have sex."

Katsuki makes a soft noise but nods.
"How long do you want to wait?"

"Not sure."

"You don't know?"

"Bakugo, I don't want this to be a whirlwind sort of thing. We're young and never been in a relationship."

"And I don't even know what I want?"

"You're not used to setting boundaries. I'm new to it too."
"So what does this make us?"

"We can take our time figuring stuff out, but ass far as labels..." Hitoshi's cheeks go pink. "I'd want to be exclusive but I'm not expecting you to want the same."

"What if I do?" Katsuki purses his lips. "What if I just wanted to deal with you?"

"But I want you to scent me regularly. I want to study together and I don't send nudes."

Hitoshi does his best to hide a little smile.

"/I/ want you to keep telling me what you want."


"Yeah, I'm not going to get pissed if you ever don't want something."
"Even if its something you want."

"Mmhmm, even if its something we've done before. Even if I'm mad or frustrated or having a bad day. I think if I want to be anyone's alpha, I'd owe them that."

Katsuki feels his face heat up as he rests a hand on Shinsou's chest.
The smell as slick slowly permeates the air. Hitoshi's pupils go wide as he takes a deep breath.

"Aw do you like when I'm nice to you?" Hitoshi teases

Katsuki growls, taking two fistfuls of Hitoshi's shirt

"Shut up." He huffs. "I just...like the idea of that shit."
Hitoshi's eyes widen and he grins, gently running a hand over Katsuki's

"I'll make sure no one bugs you, if they do they'll have to deal with both of us. And I'll come to movie nights and you can hang out in my lap."

"Movie night sucks, no one lets me talk."
"You can whisper in my ear all you want, we can have our own movie nights and make fun of the shitty scenes"

The scent of slick gets more intense and Katsuki shifts, flush reaching the tips of his eyes

"Mmm, shit, romance turns you on? Let me guess, you love dorky teen movies?"
"Shut up." Katsuki grumbles, leaning down too kiss him. "I'm keeping your clothes. Tomorrow we're trading pillows."

"Fine by me. I have a little neck pillow you can have now."

"I should get back considering /you/ made a scene in front of everyone."

"Oh that was me?"
"Yeah. You're the one that carried me off like a weirdo."

"See I thought it was the banshee screaming you were doing that caused the scene."

Katsuki growls and kisses him again before pushing himself off the bed. "I need to go get my clothes from the gym. You coming?"

Hitoshi holds Katsuki's hand the entire walk, even when Katsuki huffs and pouts

"You look silly."

"Do you want me to let go?"


"Then I guess I'm silly." He shrugs, smiling when Katsuki's cheeks go red

katsuki rolls his eyes, leading him to the gym locker room
his locker's almost empty, just a note

"Tch, Ei took my clothes. Dumbass."

"Why would he do that?" Hitoshi gets close and katsuki can feel him tense up

"Easy tiger, he's trying to be helpful."

"Isn't he one of the guys that took advantage of you?"

"I mean I helped him once."
Hitoshi opens his mouth but Katsuki pokes his forehead.

"Look am I happy about every time i've done it? No. But I don't regret helping my friends. It just kinda spiraled and then it was too much."

"He could've helped you." Hitoshi grumbles, looking down at the note.
"Well maybe I told him i didn't need his help." Katsuki shrugs. "Maybe I lied and said it was fine but then it just kept getting worse. And then the bathroom thing was bad."

Hitoshi tugs him away from the locker and closes it.

"Fair...It shouldn't have taken a nobody to help."
"I wouldn't call you a nobody." Katsuki shrugs, taking his hand again. "Whatever, you're coming with me to track down my shit."

"Fine." Shinsou hums, unable to help his slight smile.

They stop by kirishima's room but no one answers when they knock. Katsuki bangs on the door
He presses his ear to the wood and bangs on the door again

"Maybe he's not home."

"No, he is. I hear someone in there."

"Maybe he's fucking someone."

the tips of katsuki's ears go red

"No fucking way, idiot almost imploded asking me for help diring his rut, no way he's-"
The door opens and kirishima's panting, pants hung low on his hips

Katsuki pushes past him and stomps in

"Where are my fucking clothes?"

"Uh, um... uh, kats hold on-"

Katsuki opens his closet door and is met with a sheet clad Deku, trembling and flushed
katsuki whips around to kirishima and points at deku

"The fuck is this."

"Katsuki we were going to tell you."

"Tell me what?"

"Bakugo maybe we should come back in a little bit."

Katsuki glares at Shinsou before ripping the sheet off Deku, who is covered in deep bites
"No, no, i help both you assholes every rut. /Every/ rut. But do you ever stick up for me in front of monoma or that shitty meatball guy? Or or check on me if i disappear for all of lunch? And you don't have the fucking decent- nevermind. leave my shit outside my door."

"No. No kats or anything. I told you /everything/. And you can't even tell me you and Deku were fucking around."

"Because its not just fucking around Kacchan!" Deku finally pipes up, taking the sheet back. "We /were/ about to mate!"

Shinsou grabs katsuki and pulls him closer
"Take a deep breath, i get you're mad but-"

"No buts, i told these shitheads everything, i've been helping you both through your bullshit."

"Kacchan said he didnt need our help."

Shinsou tightens his hold and sighs

"Kats its more complicated than that."
"Then explain it to me, you could've interrupted those losers pulling me away all the time."

"We weren't ready."

"You two are alphas how the fuck would it even work?"

"I'm letting Ei bitch me." Deku bites his lip. "We wanted to wait until it worked to say something."
"Kirishima, where are Bakugo's clothes from earlier?" Shinsou asks

Kirishima points to a little bag

Shinsou keeps hold on Katsuki's arm and takes the bag, pursing his lips for a moment

"You three can talk when there aren't two barely clothed alphas around my- around bakugo."
Katsuki stares up at him and sighs, pushing him away

"Whatever, this is stupid. Do whatever you two want. I don't give a shit." katsuki huffs. he stares at deku and ei in disgust before walking out

shinsou turns to follow but deku grabs his sleeve

"don't hurt kacchan."
"worry about yourselves izuku." Shinsou feels bad for a moment before walking out after the omega.

katsuki didn't get far, lingering down the hall

"I'm not mad at you." the blonde grumbles

"you can't snap at them like that and just barge in."

"don't tell me what to do or +
i'll get mad."

"You can be mad at me all you want but if we had just waited you wouldn't have had to find out like that."

"gimme my clothes."

Shinsou holds them above katsuki's head and leans against the wall


"Those are my fucking clothes!"

"But i'm holding them."
Katsuki pulls Shinsou's face down and gives him a quick kiss

"We're going to my room before some fucking extra sees us."

"So forward." Hitoshi rolls his eyes, but follows

In his room katsuki wiggles out of his pants and climbs into his bed, feeling a little underprepared
he has no nest, any nesting supplies his parents brought him were jammed into his closet

Shinsou quietly puts his clothes in his laundry basket and heads to his closet despite protests

"Do you want help nesting?"

"You want to build a nest with me?"
"Of course I do. I didn't do all that research to just build my own."

Katsuki huffs and nods, helping Shinsou pull blankets, cushions and clothes he's been hoarding.

"Okay so I think we should change your sheets into these nesting specific ones?"


"Softer sheets meant +
to build a nest on." Hitoshi opens the packaging and pulls a little out. "Its more plush than normal sheets. Kinda fleecy-terry cloth type blend."

"Stupid old man and hag."

"Katsuki its nice. It makes nesting easier."

"Whatever, feels fine."

"You sit, I'll get it started."
Katsuki huffs and sits on the ground, sorting through the nesting materials

he plucked out some things he didn't want

"Have you ever tried to build a nest?"

"A couple times...but they just made me feel worse."

"Mmm, okay, well. Sheets are on."

Katsuki slowly stands and +
shifts on his feet. "What now?"

"Lets use the thick ones first and shape it with the cushion."

"Tch... okay. Not too useless after all."

"Aww, you're too sweet."

Building the nest frustrates Katsuki, they start over a couple times.

no matter how many times katsuki fusses +
it not "looking right" Shinsou stays calm, coaxing him into the middle of the nest once its done

its snug and leaves katsuki nearly on top of him

"I made it too small."

"Its allowed to be cozy, its your nest. I think its an excuse to cuddle me without having to ask."
Katsuki makes a disgruntled noise and wraps himself around Shinsou

"Aizawa's going to kill us if you stay the night."

"I know. I don't want to go just yet though."

Katsuki takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, going silent

Shinsou's eyes slowly close, snapping open when +
he feels something wet seep through his shirt

"Hmm? Katsuki?"

Katsuki clenches a handful of Shinsou's shirt and his shoulders tremble

"Katsuki... is this about earlier?"

"I don't know why I'm so mad, its stupid."

"Its not something people see everyday. Bitching isn't common"
"No just...why'd they keep coming to me? Why wouldn't they just tell me? Why....why'd they use me?" his voice is small, unsure

Hitoshi rests a hand on his back and takes a deep breath

"They're my friends... fuck, out of everyone. I just- fuck."

"You can say what you want."
"They're the only ones I didn't feel gross helping because they're my friends. I thought friends told each other personal shit. They couldn't even tell me they had something going on. Fuck I just feel stupid."

"Thats fair."

"Thats helpful." Katsuki sneers, glaring at him
"Honestly, I understand feeling used but I think it might be better to take a minute and take things at face value rather than implode."

"Feeling used?"

"Well from what I'm getting you feel like they weren't genuine friends and were using you. Not doing the give and take."
Katsuki straddles his thigh and sits back, taking a shaky breath.


"You know, its like a hollow slimy feeling, you're angry and sad and frustrated."

"I know what feelings are asshole." He snaps. "And yeah thats the one and i'm fucking sick of it."

"~Kats~" Katsuki scowls, mocking tone. "No, they fucking could've said something. I wouldn't have stopped helping them if they needed it but fuck man. I trusted them. Just like- /ugh/ I want to spar."

Hitoshi's gently takes Katsuki's hand and brings it close, running his tongue+
over the soft skin of his inner wrist

"I know you're frustrated. What happened was frustrating and there are a lot of what-ifs." Hitoshi keeps his eyes on the omega. "we don't know the timeline, and i don't think they understand how much other people bothering you got to you."
Katsuki growls, expression pinched as if in pain

"I just. Fuck. I don't want to hear anyone else say I was just a warm hole. I can't do that anymore."

Hitoshi runs his thumb over his skin, taking a deep breath to remain calm.

"And that's fair. Sex shouldn't make you feel used"
cw. mentions of past sexual assault , underage

"Its not your job to take care of alphas." Hitoshi continues. "You're worth so much more than that. Really Katsuki, you're going to be a great hero."

"Tch, yeah? I'm not destined to be an 'unruly hole to tame'?" he laughs but its +
hollow, scratchy like he's holding back tears

"You don't have to tell-"

"But can I?"

Hitoshi goes quiet for a moment before nodding. "Yeah, of course."

Katsuki pulls a blankets over top of both of them, locking in a nest cocoon

"Thats what he said during my internship."
Katsuki shifts and smooths out the wrinkles in shinsou's hoodie

"Best Jeanist was getting so sick of me, called me into his office and told me i was too unruly given my condition. and i was pissed and i tried to argue but...but... okay look, when i was in middle school I did it+
with this older kid. He was cool until he was done with me then he ignored me and i thought he was just an asshole. but even he said that it was cool i was an omega comfortable enough to do it. I felt mature and like i was so much better. I was stupid. Then during the stupid +
internship, we wear arguing. and he said something about me being an omega and I said there was no fucking way i'd ever be anybody's hole. he...he fucking, he used his quirk and held me down and he yelled at me. he told me at this rate i'd be lucky to be someone's hole. That if +
I couldn't get my shit together i'd stay unruly hole to use. That i need to be tamed and if he had to do it he would."

"Katsuki, wait wait, you're shaking."

"I'm...I'm pissed. He did shit, he made me get wet and i made a mess. he humiliated me and made /me/ clean it up."
Katsuki hiccups as he tries to level his breathing.

"He said if i kept my attitude he might not be able to stop himself. He said its an alpha's natural instinct to tame someone like me so i'd be better off just giving in. And since... since I've gotten so much worse."
"Katsuki, that wasn't your..."

"Wait! Fuck," He tugs two fistfuls of Shinsou's shirt. "Before it was only people i was comfortable with but after... i gave up. I just fucking gave up. if i went along with it i could at least keep a little bit of a say in it all."
Shinsou's hand slides up his arm, coaxing him to lay down a little.

"Breathe breathe, your face is getting red."

"I gave up on everything. I didn't think it would get bad if i went along with it and then in the bathroom and now they were using me all along too."
Shinsou eases katsuki into a more comfortable position as the dam breaks. the most chest-achingly distressed noise comes out and smoke rises from where katsuki's holding his shirt

"It'll be okay katsuki. that's a lot for anyone to go through, fuck."

"Shit, i'm so dumb."
"No no, fuck. Not dumb at all. Its just making my jaw ache."

"i shouldn't have said all that. Ei's the only one that knows about the internship. I think Deku knows something happened. Shit, now i dumped it on you too."

Hitoshi's rubs his jaw, opening his mouth enough to give +
his fangs room to show.

"I can come with you. We'll talk to Izuku and Kirishima. You deserve answers and they deserve a chance to explain."

"Can you spend the night? I know we'll get in trouble but shit...please?"

"Yeah, I'm not going anywhere. I've got you. Promise."
the morning comes and they wake to someone banging on katsuki's door

without thinking shinsou lets out a low rumbling growl, from somewhere deep in his chest

katsuki lets out a little purr back, but its cut short when the alpha leaves his nest

"Hello Aizawa." Shinsou sighs.
he's only opened the door slightly

katsuki can only hear his responses

"No sir we didn't... I understand its against the rules... yes we'll both be in class..." Katsuki pops his head out in time to see Shinsou lean out the door way

they're still talking but its too low to hear
katsuki climbs out and walks behind hitoshi, nudging him out of the way

"we aren't fucking."

"I know, but you two aren't exempt from bed sharing rules. Hitoshi won't be staying another night."


Katsuki slams the door and pulls out his uniform, ignoring shinsou's +

"I'm changing puff ball. look away or don't." he pulls off his top, surprised when shinsou does the same

when katsuki looks over and bites his tongue when he sees the singe marks

"shit... is it ruined?"

shinsou shrugs

"It was a freebie at a fair, no worries."
katsuki glances at shinsou as he changes, taking in the alpha's lean muscle and broad shoulders

with his plain baggy clothes katsuki didn't know what he really looked like

he not complaining, too much muscle made him jealous

he catches shinsou staring at his chest and smirks
"You want a taste or something?"

"Katsuki-" Hitoshi huffs, "not this morning."

Katsuki stills and feels a lump in his throat form. the rejection stings

hitoshi's nose wrinkles

"don't get bent out of shape. i'm trying to be responsible. we have to get to class on time."
"Well i'm not going to force you to touch me." Katsuki scowls, buttoning his shirt up and putting his blazer one

hitoshi pulls his shirt back on and sighs

"Katsuki...its not that i don't want to touch you. trust me, I do and I will. but i'm not going to let you distract +
from the fact we'll see Kirishima and Izuku. Or that this will be our first day in class while... while being /something/ with each other."

"Probationary boyfriends. You're bombing your audition." Katsuki frowns, hesitating for a second before grabbing his hand. "Carry my bag."
Shinsou smiles, pressing a quick kiss to the back of his hand before grabbign the blonde's backpack

"Guess i'll try to earn brownie points at lunch."

"Yeah you better." Katsuki huffs before letting hitoshi lead them to his dorm, then to class

katsuki spots deku immediately
katsuki's expression sours and shinsou can't help but giggle

he pulls katsuki closer and gently scenting him until the omega relaxes

"keep an open mind, you're allowed to put school first and talking can happen later when we have plenty of time. I'll see you at lunch, yeah?"
katsuki nods, looking down at the hand he's holding

"If you stand me up i'll hunt you down and end you."

"I know you will...don't smell so distressed. I'm one floor down, and we'll see each other in a few hours."


Shinsou chuckles and walks him to his desk
katsuki slides into his desk and scowls at him, well aware of all his classmates staring

"Get out of here already."

"Fine prickly, no goodbye kiss for you." Hitoshi shrugs, turning to walk away but katsuki catches his sleeve

the softest little whine comes out
shinsou smirks as he catches a few eyes on them

he leans down and catches katsuki's lips in a fast and dirty kiss

"Tch, don't show off puff ball."

"Yeah yeah," He hums, kissing the corner of Katsuki's mouth before standing. "see you at lunch doll."

"Don't make me puke loser."
but the pink on his cheeks is too vibrant to miss

even after hitoshi leaves, katsuki feels his heart pound

stupid weirdo...he wonders who taught him to kiss like that

katsuki ignores the soft "kacchan," and little whimpers from Deku

the notes being passed to him from Ei
he's still pissed but less so, not as explosive

just a simmer of hurt

they're dismissed for lunch and katsuki stays planted at his desk

not surprising when Ei and Deku approach him

"Kats...come on, can we go eat on the roof. Talk to us."

"Not yet, I wanna go have lunch for +
the first time in weeks."

"Kats, can't we get just like 10 minutes?"

"Kacchan we promise, we just want to explain."

"No, we can talk after school. I've got plans." Katsuki slowly pushes himself up and steps into the hall, spinning on his heels to face the alphas behind him.
"Kacchan, please we're sorry. please talk to us."

Katsuki pinches the bridge of his nose and shakes his head.

"What part of right now don't you two fucking /get/? I want to go eat lunch, i'm sick of spending my lunches looking after shitty alphas." he snaps, stomping away
They dont follow him thankfully. Katsuki rushes downstairs, hoping he catches Hitoshi still in class

He freezes up when he hears a few familiar voices

"Quit being so harsh Monoma."

"I'm simply saying hes hardly clean. He was basically free use before Shinsou got involved."
Monoma giggles to himself. "Let's just hope Shinsou comes to his senses before he catches something."

"He'll kill you if he hears you."

"I'm not afraid of some used little omega. He can play tough all he wants but it's clear hes just a whore. At least /I/ have standards."
Katsuki leans against the wall as a slap rings out

"Come on, he clearly has issues. I doubt he needs you calling him names."

"Mmm, for being so tough he clearly has no self respect. I wonder how he'll be a pro like that. What if he bends over for all the villains too?"

Katsuki bites the inside of his cheek.

"I bet he willingly went with those villains in the forest. I wouldnt be surprised if he was passed around like a-"

There's a thud and then a slam before a loud growl reverberates through the hall.

"Shut your mouth. You dont+
know /anything/ so quit acting like a little worm."

Katsuki forces himself to step into view, shoving his hands in his pockets

Hitoshi's fangs are fully unsheathed, just the sight forcing Monoma into submission

The other blonde omega is rendered quiet, just reaching for Kendo
Hitoshi backs off, turning to face Katsuki and immediately the tension ebbs from him.

"Hey you,"

"Hey puff ball... you still want to come with me to lunch?"

"Sure, cafeteria?"

"Yeah I forgot to pack anything. Can we bring it to the courtyard?"

"Of course. Picnics are cute."
Katsuki huffs as Shinsou walks over, hesitating before taking his hand. He leans close and takes a deep breath

"Are you okay?"

"No... but it's fine. I can manage."

Hitoshi hooks a finger in one of Katsukis belt loops, tugging him flush to his chest

"Deku and Ei were annoying"

"And when that ass mentioned the training in the forest- Tch. It's not true. I went with them to keep everyone safe."

"I know. You've got a hero instinct." Hitoshi murmurs, taking his hand and smoothing a thumb over his knuckles. "Sorry I got all primal about it."
Katsuki shrugs before guiding him to the cafeteria

"Its fine. I know you're a weirdo." He teases. "Besides alpha fangs are cool. Mine are tiny in comparison. Yours are..."

"I know." Hitoshi scowls as if long sharp thick fangs arent making Katsukis instincts go completely feral.
"And before you insist they're good, they're annoying. My jaw aches."

Katsuki hums, absentmindedly picking his lunch and taking Hitoshi to a private part of the courtyard

"All the way out here?"

"Is that a problem?"

"Nope, just checking."

They sit close and eat in relative+
silence. Before long their empty trays are stacked off to the side

Katsuki coaxes Hitoshi to rest his head in his lap

And the alpha doesnt hesitate at the chance, letting Katsuki play with his hair.

"Soft..." katsuki murmurs, fingertips ghosting over Shinsou's jaw. "Massage?"
the omega runs his fingers along Hitoshi's jaw, smiling once his eyes are closed

Hitoshi's breath hitches as katsuki gets a little more aggressive with it, fingertips digging into the tense muscle

he parts his lips, fangs sliding out as a calming omega scent surrounds them
sugar and cinnamon, slight smokey twinge to it

sweeter than anything he's gotten from katsuki before

katsuki leans down, gently pressing their lips together

"Lunch is almost over."

"Shit..." Hitoshi reaches up to cup the back of his neck, pressing their lips together again
"Mmm," one of Katsuki's hands slides down to Hitoshi's chest

"You smell like sugar-"

"I want my alpha," Katsuki whispers and Hitoshi's eyes snap open.

"Or are you avoiding going back to class?" he raises a brow, confirming his suspicion when katsuki backs off
"I've never met an alpha that avoids getting fucked the way you do"

"I just don't want to be your shield for avoiding your own shit."

"Tch... I wouldn't even be considering talking to those asshole if it wasn't for you." Katsuki snaps, scent souring fast enough to give Hitoshi+

"They /are/ your friends." Hitoshi sighs, pulling up his sleeve to look at his watch. "As nice as this has been, we need to get back."

"Fuck you."

"You wish." Hitoshi gets to his feet and offers Katsuki his hand

Katsuki slaps it away but Hitoshi doesn't budge
"What's the issue?"

Katsuki shrugs, pulling his knees to his chest.

"Katsuki, what? I'll come to your class once the day ends so you don't have to talk to them alone."

"Thanks." Katsuki sighs and gets up.

The tiniest hint of rejection hits Hitoshi's nose and he scowls
"Hey-" He grabs Katsuki's sleeve. "I'm not saying no, just-"

"Not right now." Katsuki parrots. "Yeah yeah. Whatever. I'm starting to think you just like 'fixing' the class whore."


"Yeah, I think you get off on this. On playing as a knight in shining armor. Being the +
one who can 'change' me."

"Katsuki its the middle of the school day. Class starts in five minutes."

"You know how many guys would give up like thirty minutes to fuck me?" Katsuki sneers. "I could've gone through two or three alphas over lunch."

Hitoshi growls, pinning katsuki+
to a nearby tree. the omega shudders, half-heartedly pushing at his chest

hitoshi drips his head down and nips at his scent gland.

"I'm not here for your body, but when we do have sex I want hours to take you apart. I want to leave you boneless and completely sated."
Katsuki whimpers as Hitoshi's venom dripped onto his skin, their scents mingling.

"Don't get it twisted Bakugo. You know I like you. Have a little patience."

"Can we do something after we talk to Ei and Deku? Just to take the edge off?" the blonde's tone is soft and unsteady
like he's trying desperately not to beg.

hitoshi kisses his forehead, tongue darting out to wet his lips

"You know I like you right? Right Katsuki?"

"Yeah." He mumbles. "I know, I just... fuck. Frustrated."

"Find a hobby for stress relief." Hitoshi murmurs, stroking his cheek

"But nothing. I don't want our first time to be for stress relief. I don't want to rush it."

"Why? Not like I'm a virgin so hard to call it a first time."

Hitoshi sighs.

"I don't care if you've been with other people, it'll be /our/ first time and that's special to me"
Katsuki's face flushes with color as he slowly nods.

"Lets go, we're already late."

"Yeah yeah. You'll come to 2-A after class?"

"Mmhmm, you have my word."

"Okay." Katsuki sighs, following Hitoshi back inside and smiling at the tight grip the alpha kept on his hand
the final bell rings and katsuki sees obnoxious red shoes walk up to his desk.

"Kacchan, please, can we go somewhere and talk? Just you and me or you and Ei."

Katsuki scrunches his noise as two distressed scents hit him

"Kats, can you stop treating us like the others alphas?"
"I don't know, you two decided to treat me just like they do. You guys just also made me think we were friends."

Deku immediately whines, tearing up and fidgeting

"Kats! We do not. They treat you like-like-"

"Like i'm nothing? Disposable? Like I don't have feelings?"
"Kacchan we love you. You're our best friend. /You're/ how Ei and I started talking."

"Really felt like a best friend when you came in me then left as soon as your rut was over. Felt like a best friend when you told me you two started messing around- oh wait. I had to find that+
out myself. Felt like I could really trust you when you both fucking blabbed to people." He jabs a finger into Kirishima's chest. "Kaminari told /everyone/. You didn't even tell him not to. And when people started leaving weird shit on my desk, /came/ on it- neither of you stood+
up for me. You guys just let me handle it on my own. The only time you asked me if i was okay was when you were about to ask me to help with your ruts. Don't think i didn't notice that."

"Kacchan we just assumed you'd tell them to fuck off. you've always been so tough and -"
"And nothing! You have /no/ idea how scary it is turning down alphas. Especially when they approach you in a group when i'm alone. Who are they gonna believe? Four alphas or someone getting a rep as a slut? Fuck both of you. At least admit you never cared!"

Hitoshi strolls in
he takes the hand still pointing at Kirishima and gives it a little squeeze


Katsuki huffs and stamps his foot, eyes welling up

"Ei I fucking... I fucking told you, I told you what /he/ did and you helped me through my heat after. Snuck me to recovery girl's office."
Ei's eyes go wide before his expression fully falls

"Kats I didn't even think-"

"Of course not... of course you don't. And you know what, maybe it is on me for shoving it down so much, but fuck Ei... you know how hard it got to say no to any of that stuff? I'll fucking say it,+
I'm still fucked up over it. A year later and I'm still so fucked up."

"Kacchan, wha-"

"Deku- I'm not fucking saying it again. Read between the fucking lines."

"Kats... Kats, I'm sorry." Ei takes hold of Katsuki's shoulders and pulls him in for a hug. "F-fuck, I'm so sorry."
its bordering in painfully tight but the dam breaks once more

Ei cries loud enough to drown Katsuki out

"Fuck you shitty hair, fuck you. why couldn't you tell me? What was I supposed to think walking in on that? Felt fucking used all over again, like you only wanted me to fuck"
"No Kacchan! Ei and I, its my fault... you always seemed so, mm, firm on what being an omega was. I was scared you'd hate me and Ei for trying to do the whole bitching thing." Deku explains quickly. "Some people really hate the idea of an alpha bitching another."

"You stupid +
fucking Deku." Katsuki huffs, finally being released from Ei's hold and wiping his face with his blazer sleeve. "Still could've fucking talked to me. Were you gonna still spend your rut with me next week if it didn't work?"

"I-I-I don't know!"

"And /still/ not tell me?"
Shame visibly seeps into Deku's expression.


"Exactly. Do you get how gross that feels? Like I'm being used as relief, not like an actual fucking person. Even earlier! You two didn't fucking listen! and you two /care/ about me. How do you think random extras treat me?"
"Kacchan... I'm sorry. What can we do? We're sorry."

"Kats, please, let me fix it. I'm sorry we've been acting like...like-"

"Knotheads." Hitoshi supplies, sliding into a chair and pulling Katsuki into his lap.

"Yeah..." Kirishima's voice is hoarse, he looks slightly pale as+
the weight of his behavior hangs heavy on his shoulders.

"Ei... fucking shitty hair asshole," Katsuki huffs, wiping his face. "I was dumb too. I insisted it was fine and that no one would listen if i even tried to set limits. You can't read my fucking mind."

Hitoshi slides his arms around Katsuki's waist and hums. "If I can, to start, Katsuki's not interested in taking multiple partners. Do you two still want to be his friend?"

"Of course bro!" Kirishima insists, Deku nodding along.

"We'll always want to be Kacchan's friends!"
Hitoshi interlaces his fingers with Katsuki's, waiting in case the blonde wants to talk.

"He could use people sticking up for him while he figures out setting boundaries." He looks at Kirishima. "You know what happened. Its hard to stick to his guns if he's scared of something +
like that happening again."

"Yeah..." Katsuki murmurs. "I...fucking suck at saying no with shit like that. I'm gonna change it but until then lend me a hand or don't. Don't fucking care."

"Of course bakubro. We'll keep an eye out."

"I just want to eat lunch again."
Deku reaches out and sniffles.

"K-Kacchan... I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I should've caught on."

"I'm not a baby. I thought I could handle it but my way of handling it just kind of sucked. Left me feeling like shit. No one's fault but-"

"The people who lied and went out of +
their way to take advantage of Katsuki." Hitoshi cuts in, looking up at Katsuki. Katsuki's face sours for a moment before nodding.

"Yeah, what puff the magic dragon said."

Hitoshi smirks and glances at the others.

"Now if you don't mind, Katsuki and I have plans to get to."
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