I'd like to know why it was not stressed that in the original 93 case the civil trial was put before the criminal, forcing Michael to put forth his defence before setting foot in a court room? Which he wanted but the family didn't? I invite you all to watch #SquareOne >>>
You have to know the full facts before going on a show worldwide, to break down him and this case. Whilst @clifflansley I felt was sincere in the majority of what he put forward, a lot of this programme left a lot to be desired.

Lies of Leaving Neverland
If you had 4hrs for a one sided documentary, I also invite you to this 5hrs no stone left unturned documentary with boundless footage you left out...
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
I'd also really like to know why this very blunt footage was not considered for analysis? It's probably the most revealing of all...
squashing the very insincere #DianeDimond's false claim that there was a match

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