Imagine if -
Modi demands 1 million illegal immigrants leave the country …
Missing YoYa suddenly appears across all channels.
But ladies & gentlemen, it’s in a green gamcha this time.
Red was for Farmers yellow for CAA protest & blue for....we forget.
Prashant Bhushan is not far behind & files a PIL explaining to us in his painstakingly slow diction that this is an atrocity. Complete atrocity !
India is all about Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam a
& Atithi Devo Bhava - or else I’m outta business.
Highway Barkha plants herself before every departing immigrant.
Breathless with original questions ~ Aapko kaisa lag raha hai ?~
-We can’t speak to you because we will be jailed. And you better buzz off too because you will meet the same fate too -

Jail ?! This is not Russia !
Swara wants to know Where is the Pawri?

123 eminent citizens write an Open Letter.

Retired bureaucrat, little man on big chair who never noticed the little people around him for 30 odd yrs writes heart wrenching blog on why we all must hang our heads in shame.
Big Bindi & Jurassic Park Club.
It’s their internal matter you know.
And we have nothing to say about the Uygurs either.
Shekhar Gupta of arms & hands with a life of their own tries to Cut through the Clutter.
Failing which he delegates Jo to write a piece but she kinda finds it difficult to wrap her head around the figure 1 million. 85000 is near enough you know.
Caravan does a caste break up.
Arfa does a faith break up.
Pallavi declares that you gotta give it to Rahul.
He had warned us & we didn’t listen.
Meanwhile Rahul -
The illegal immigrant is the heart of India.
India isn’t the heart of the illegal immigrant.
Modi is tearing the heart out
But the heart will not being torn out …

Okay forget it. I’m off.
Chorus - This is not the India we knew.
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