Pro tip: if you come across any phone numbers for any covid related services, try to dial and confirm the same before amplifying. Most numbers doing the round don't work. This will help save time and put efforts in a better direction.
-> If you see a list of 64 people offering plasma for donation, don't share that. It is fake, a friend and I have dialled and verified all of it.
--> The list of 20 odd Pune and Chinchwad based pharmacists too does not work. Have verified all personally.
--> Kukatpally (Hyderabad) based remdesivir supplier numbers too don't work. The rates quoted in that poster/WhatsApp forward are exorbitant. At least thrice that of MRP.
--> Contact number for food delivery of one Mr. Sanghi is being shared as that of Hyd & BLR both. Unverified.
--> A contact number apparently of one Dr. Monica Bhagat being circulated for plasma is fake. Do not share it.
--> A contact number pertaining to some Harsh Rai, most probably from Kanpur, doing the rounds is Fake. Please don't share it.
--> All the numbers in this poster are unreachable. Has been verified. Please don't share it.

Verified by @divyajn07.
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