Hey @Twitch and @TwitchSupport

Attached, you'll find a picture of some follows that I've received from accounts that are less than a month old. These accounts, among others, have been sexually harassing me in my chat. They have inflated my follower count. 1/3
I understand that according to your website, moderation is my responsibility and to that I am banning these accounts as they come in and harass me. My concern is the inflated follower count.

Not only am I being made the butt of many explicit "jokes" but my growth is false 2/3
I would like these accounts, as well as any other account that is unverified, to be removed from my follower list as well as an IP block (though I doubt that will help completely)

These accounts are also hurting your bottom line. If you wont do it for me, do it for your wallet
@Twitch and @TwitchSupport I guess we're just gonna keep adding to this thread until you do something. here are yesterdays names
what absolutely boggles my mind is that the only reason this is happening is because you allow users without verified email addresses to chat. unverified accounts are more than likely not going to be revenue sources. you could go a long way to fixing this with just that change
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