Canada developed insulin.. shared it with the world.. US pharma developes 2 covid approved vaccines, US government hoards it, Jake Tapper offers Canada thoughts and prayers.
I'm old enough to remember NAFTA negotiations, Trump wanted access for US citizens to purchase pharma from Canada companies cause it was cheaper.. rather than putting in regulations himself.. but that would have leveled out the playing field when it came to setting up shop.
Canadian scientists also developed the Ebola vaccine.. guess what.. it was shared.. GoC didnt take ownership.. & that was under the worst govs Canada has ever seen #Haper, who had a huge opportunity to expand our viral manufacturing with Bill Gates partnership.. IDU said no, smfh
As far as I'm concerned.. I'm grateful AF the Liberals are steering this on the federal level.. NDP can scream nationalize, Cons can scream stay the fuck away from my jurisdiction.. Health Canada and GoC have done one of the better jobs worldwide.. including the US.
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