1) As you can see below, wind today (in green) is running well below the day-ahead forecast for wind (red). And both are far below what wind was producing at 1 a.m. this morning when nobody needed it:
#Ercot #renewables #txlege https://twitter.com/ERCOT_ISO/status/1382085946032676864
2) This is important because @ERCOT_ISO asked everyone to conserve energy because it may have to enter emergency conditions caused by a limited supply of generation
3) Part of the reason is because @ERCOT_ISO missed its forecasted load:
#renewables #ERCOT #txlege
4) Apparently, ERCOT missed its load forecast because this cold front stalled and didn't make it are far east and south as expected:
5)Yes, Weather is hard to predict; that is why climate change forecasts have missed the mark for 30 years. But even in the short term, weather is unpredictable. That is why Texas needs reliable generation from thermal sources such as nuclear, coal, & natural gas
6) "Today's tweet from ERCOT asking Texans to conserve electricity use is a perfect example of this. Because of a stalled cold front and some generation being offline for repairs, Texas was once again at the mercy of wind generation--and it did not come through.

7) After hitting its peak generation of almost 17,000 MW for the day at 1 a.m.--when it was not needed, wind generation dropped to about 5,000 MW--when we did need it. And even the 5,000 MW was 3,000 MW less than forecast.

make #renewableenergy pay its fair share
8) A lot of factors play a role in powering the Texas grid, and at times it is hard to pinpoint the exact cause. However, the fact that #wind keeps coming up short at critical times is not something that should be ignored.
9) The best path forward for Texans is for the #txlege to eliminate subsidies for wind--and solar--like Chapters 312 and 313 property tax abatements and to make renewable generators pay for the costs they impose on the grid on days--like today--when they don't show up.
10) The harm caused by wind and solar subsidies has been going on for years. The unreliable grid, higher energy costs, and moral corruption of crony corporatism will only go away if the #txlege acts. We will have to wait and see
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