[Being lonely was such a drag. Venti let out a sigh as he sad atop the tree in Windrise, gazing out towards the horizon. Loneliness had not often been a bother for the bard, but sometimes he craved company. A warm embrace. Sweet nothings just to be whispered into his ear. + https://twitter.com/xiaolovesu_/status/1382115028510314507
head bopping left and right, he finally pressed the tension into his palms, digging into the smooth oak, and pushing him off the tree, propelling him into the air. Light danced at the corners of his vision, and the wind rustled his hair as he spread out his arms and opened his +
glider, smiling in the freeing sensation. A thrill of adventure rose up his spine and he shivered in delight. Venti's eyes brightened, suddenly enamored with even more energy than before. His thoughts drifted to a certain adeptus as he glided through the air, wind twirling +
among his fingertips. He sighed again, a thought filtering through his blank mind. His smile faltered a bit, remembering painful shards of memories, but he forced it back. It wouldn't hurt to pay a certain come a visit, wouldn't it?...]
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