After years of campaigning by Ecojustice and our partners, today the federal government tabled legislation (Bill C-28) to modernize the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA). This is an important day for all Canadians. Here’s a thread (1/10)...
CEPA is Canada’s cornerstone environmental law that protects Canadians from toxic chemicals, harmful substances, pollution, and wastes. But the law hasn’t been updated in over 21 years – a generation ago! (2/10)
Ecojustice has campaigned for a long time for CEPA to include a right to a healthy environment. Bill C-28 recognizes that right for the first time in federal law. (3/10)
A right to a healthy environment would strengthen protections for Canadians, especially for communities disproportionately exposed to pollution. (4/10)
Communities in Canada have long been denied environmental justice and suffer from the cumulative impacts of multiple interacting hazards. (5/10)
Canada now has the opportunity to join 156 UN member states that recognize the right to a healthy environment in law, treaties and constitutions. (6/10)
Bill C-28 also makes important changes to give the Minister of Environment and Climate Change more power to prohibit substances of highest risk. (7/10)
The Minister has also committed to a new regulation that requires labelling when dangerous chemicals are used in everyday products such as furniture and cosmetics. (8/10)
There is still room for important amendments to make sure all Canadians benefit from environmental protection. All political parties need to make Bill C-28 a political priority and send it to committee for consideration and strengthening amendments. (9/10)
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