1/ The concept of all these new America First-themed think tanks, media outlets, and legal warfare PACS is not surprising.

For all that Republican Inc (e.g. the Chamber, McConnell) in DC wants to pretend Trump is gone and the world will be right again...
2/ ...and that Trumpism is a brief and uncomfortable interregnum which is now just a squicky memory, the reality is that the Trump apparat is out of the box now.

All your base are belong to Don.

They're going to build a government in exile, and...
3/ ...as we know, there is no middle ground with Trump; you are either entirely his creature or you are his enemy.

There is no escape.

These groups are going to raise $ (with some vig going to Trump, like stink follows shit) and hire people, land the loyalists the jobs...
4/ ...the private sector denies people with Trump world resumes, and build an apparatus that feeds the DC media-industrial complex with white (I mean SO white) papers, talking points, reports, etc.
5/ This to normalize the abnormal, to say that Trumpism/Bannonism/Esoteric Douchism is just a new part of conservatism.

It's not. Beyond being a full-employment project for the Trump world's flotsam, it's also part of their gleichschaltung program to destroy the old GOP.
6/ More to come on this topic tonight on @lptv.
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