Let’s talk about PA HB972, known as the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act”. A 🧵
Information about this bill, as well as the text in its entirety, is available here:

This bill is modeled on many other bills currently passing through state legislatures, using language that has been provided by regressive groups. Let’s unpack some of that language together here.
This act legally defines “Biological Sex” as “based solely on an individual’s reproductive organs, biology or genetics at birth.”
I would appreciate support of doctors and fellow biologists here on #BiologyTwitter and #MedTwitter to discuss why this definition is contradictory.
Reproductive organs are not purely binary. “Biology” is so vague a term as to be functionally meaningless. Genetics is not binary, and a person’s genetics do not always match their reproductive organs. This becomes critically important considering the rest of the bill.
This bill goes on to legislate that all athletics teams, club or competitive, college or high school, that are at all part of a public program must designate every team as explicitly a “Male, men or boys” team, a “Female, women or girls” team or a “Coed or mixed team”.
This does a few things. 1) it functionally prohibits intersex kids from participating in organized public sports. 2) it authorizes public educational institutions to verify the genitalia and genetic profiles of children and exclude children based on this.
That should scare you.
Tw sexual assault, pedophilia, child abuse

I’m not sure about you all, but I am far more afraid children being assaulted by grown adults legally inspecting their genitalia than by... sharing a sports team with a trans student. Do you want to know why?
PA HB972 does not protect children. It exposes them to predators. It allows state sanctioned child sexual assault.
This bill is a disgrace, and is not only transparently hateful towards trans children, but catastrophically dangerous for ALL children.
Pennsylvania residents, I am going to list representatives implicated with this bill. Go HERE to check your representatives, tell them that you oppose HB972, and that will consider trans rights and trans safety in your future voting decisions. https://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/legis/home/findyourlegislator/
@BarbaraGleim proposed this bill. She served on the Cumberland Valley School Board for 8 years, as well as having been a PTO member, a Cub Scout Leader and a county 4-H member. She should be well aware of CSA risks.

File a complaint with her staff here:

This bill is currently in the PA House Education committee.

Curt Sonney is the chair of this board. He can receive feedback at http://repsonney.com .
Other Republican committee members include;

Meghan Schroeder, @MeghanForPA
Jason Ortitay, @JasonOrtitay
Craig Staats, @RepStaats
Valerie Gaydos, @valgaydos
Robert Mercuri, @RobMercuri
Mark Gillen, http://www.repgillen.com 
David Hickernell, http://www.rephickernell.com 
Democratic members of the PA House Education committee are as follows;

Joe Ciresi, @RepCiresi
Ed Gainey, @RepGainey
Carol Hill-Evans, @RepHillEvans
Patty Kim, @RepPattyKim
Summer Lee, @SummerforPA
Maureen Madden, @RepMadden
Napoleon Nelson, @RepNapoleon
Mike Zabel, @RepZabel
And MaryLouise Isaacson, @RepMaryIsaacson
Kids need your protection NOW. Not just trans kids. Tell your reps that you support trans freedoms, that you oppose examining children’s genitalia, that you oppose PA HB972, and that these factors WILL influence your voting decisions when it comes time to select representatives.
Representatives who SPONSORED this bill are as follows;

Stephanie Borowicz, http://www.repstephanie.com 
Jim Cox, @RepJimCox
Eric Davanzo, @RepDavanzo
Carrie Delrosso, @RepCarrie
Russel Diamond, http://www.repdiamond.com/ 
Mindy Fee, http://www.repfee.com 

Johnathan Fritz, http://www.repfritz.com 
Valerie Gaydos, @RepGaydos
Mark Gillen, http://www.repgillen.com 
Barbara Gleim, @BarbaraGleim
Joseph Hamm, http://www.repjoehamm.com 
Susan Helm, @RepHelm
Johnathan Hershey, @JohnDHershey
David Hickernell, http://www.rephickernell.com 
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