As the world swallows news of an upcoming US withdrawal from #Afghanistan, one thing is certain:

- The #Taliban will celebrate this moment in the same way (if not more so) than when the #USSR withdrew in 88-89 — especially coming on the back of a massive #Taliban offensive.
If someone can provide a clear & assured path for security in #Afghanistan without a U.S. troop presence, then I'd love to hear it.

If not, then a withdrawal is merely paving a path towards a massive escalation in violence & an eventual defeat of #Kabul by the #Taliban.
Ending "endless wars" should be an objective that unites all Americans -- but withdrawing for the sake of ticking a domestic politics "box" is staggeringly short-sighted.

To make things perfectly clear: who'll be celebrating today?

#Afghanistan is "as strategically significant as my pinky toe."

Let's keep that one for a rainy day, shall we?
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