Some takeaways from the J&J #pause today:

1) It's a sign the safety system WORKS. It detects possible events EVEN when they're 1 in a million. This should *build* confidence in the vaccines.

Folks arguing against transparency don't appreciate the long game.

2) It's not just about the 6 cases of CVST--it's about notifying providers to prevent others.
- They should look for it in pts w/ symptoms
- They should avoid usual clotting treatment which could exacerbate it.

Warning providers to risk is an ethical responsibility.

3) The risk of #COVID19 remains way WAY greater than the risk of this, even if it is, in fact, a true side effect. And investigating this--from who's effected to how it happens--helps us mitigate, if not eliminate the risk of the side effect.

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