To be clear on what the numbers really are here:

Well over 100 women have become severely ill or died from an incredibly rare clotting condition after receiving the DNA/AAV #Covid vaccines . The known cases now are mostly @astrazeneca, but the @jnj vaccine is almost identical...
Well over 100 cases? Really?


The @EMA_News reported 86 @astrazeneca cases, including 18 fatalities, as of March 22. That did not include about 50 cases and 10 deaths reported to British regulators from March 24-31.
The denominator is in the range 40-50 million doses - 20 million in Britain, 20+ million in the EU. A dose is NOT a completed vaccination, as the @astrazeneca vaccine requires two doses.

So the real ratio here is far higher than 1 per million vaccinations...
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