The curriculum updates that the #UCP trashed and replaced with their plagiarized American-inspired curriculum outline started well before the 2015 election. /1
That means it was started by a #PCAA government.

The UCP tossed out nearly 7 years' worth of work, and replaced it in less than 2.

Sit with that for a minute. They replaced 7 years' work by experienced educators in 2 years. /2
Even if I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and assumed that they had experts coming to the table with up to date material in hand, there's no way this scope of replacement can be done that quickly. /3
So it comes as no surprise whatsoever that much of this work is lifted directly from a US curriculum. (Hence why there's so much about the US in the SS components) /4
This is slap-dash work done for partisan reasons by people who have little or no appreciation for what kids can (or cannot) absorb at particular ages. /5
Make no mistake - Kenney and LaGrange didn't set out to create a good curriculum. They set out to impose their ideology in schools - because according to Kenney, schools "hardwire children with socialist ideas". /6
Something is very wrong when the development work of nearly a decade by experts gets tossed out because a highly partisan Premier can't stand the idea that it won't reflect his biases. /7
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