Virginia has:

Democratic Governor
Democratic Senate
Democratic House of Delegates

United States has:

Democratic President
Democratic Senate
Democratic House of Representatives.

Check your city

Every city, state, and Federally — Qualified Immunity should be discontinued.
Over the weekend We saw Maryland (who has a Republican Governor) repeal their Police Bill of Rights. The party shouldn’t matter, doing what’s right should be at the forefront.
I am not interested in the argument “Ending qualified immunity will prevent cops from doing their job.”
If you need to know beforehand that you have the protection to do whatever you want whenever you want to serve people with decency then you need not be in law enforcement.
The system of policing was built on WHITE SUPREMACY — we are fooling ourselves if we think as it’s currently constructed that it’s going to do ANYTHING OTHER THAN UPHOLD WHITE SUPREMACY!

No more chances, #DefundThePolice, Divest from their budgets and Invest in Communities.
If y’all think that extra training is going to help a person who’s inherently afraid of black people treat us better..

I’ll only ask you to stop lying to yourself.
Lastly, good cops don’t make excuses for cops who kill people “by accident”...

Can y’all imagine the outrage of medical doctors killed patients by “accident” at the rate that police officers kill people?

#DefundThePolice #InvestInBlackCommunities
Kids barely got working computers and stable WiFi but police got military style equipment and all kinds of gadgets and toys sitting on standby...

#DefundThePolice #InvestInBlackCommunities
Kids getting fed cold meals that are leftovers from schools because that’s all the budget allows them to have, but police got all kinds of new robocop 2.0 equipment...

#DefundThePolice #InvestInBlackCommunities
People getting evicted from their homes during a pandemic, people falling behind on mortgages due to gentrification and increased property taxes


Police budgets increase on an annual basis...

#DefundThePolice #InvestInBlackCommunities
And I’m saying this as a former elected official who wrote all kind of budget policy for our people..

Tell your local elected officials to stop being scary. Stop offering words or prayer. Stop saying we need a dialogue.

I’ll end with this... I know several police chiefs. I’m cool with a lot of the members in the area. A lot of them will tell you they aren’t equipped to deal w/all the stuff they’re asked to. It’s a tough job. This is why we need to put resources into other avenues to help out.
We don’t need policing. We need public safety. There is a major difference in the two.

Also, if you’re that afraid of us — go work in a different profession.

If you’ve been working for 26 years and don’t know the difference between a gun and a taser, you need to go to jail.
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