Dear @RahulEaswar ji, the flag conceived on April 13, 1921 was congress flag not the #Tricolor . Actually it had two colour representing Hindus and Muslims driven by missionary zeal of secularism Gandhi had. Congress was demanding only autonomy under British then.
This is the flag which came in 1907 and unfurled by Madame Bhikaji Cama, a close associate of #Savarkar and was flown at Congress convention too.
The #Tricolour with Charkha came into being in 1929 and was interpreted by #Gandhi as:
The Red stood for the sacrifices of the people, white for purity, and green for hope.

Gandhi felt glad that the new design had more secular connotation than standard Hindu-Muslim thing.
By 1929, the deception of Khilafat was all out in open with #Ambedkar disclosing date by date how Hindus were misled into believing that #Gandhi wanted NCM for independence. Moplah had happened and Muhammad Ali’s letter asking Afghan Sultan to attack #Hindu India was public
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