"He shall think to change the times" - Daniel 7:25
Is it any wonder that the Antichrist, as leader and embodiment of this world, will think to change the times?
This world is in a state of constant flux.

It is constantly changing, for the worse.

So why wouldn't the Antichrist think to accelerate and complete the process?
That is what is so funny about the theory of evolution.

People actually believe this world is improving.

While it falls apart at the seams.
While sin is at work.

This world will never improve.

It will only devolve.
A Christian is a foreigner in this land.

A saint does not belong on this devolving landscape.
We are looking for a City whose maker and builder is God.
It can be very disorienting.

Many saints are stressed about the accelerating changes in the world.

But we must adjust.

The changes will only continue to accelerate.
Many are waking up to a world that they thought they knew.

That world is gone.
That world never really was.

Nostalgia is not reality.

Nothing has been lost.

We belong to an everlasting Kingdom.
The greatest leader the world has ever known is set to arise.

Greater than Julius Caesar

Greater than Alexander of Macedon

A leader that will change everything.

For the worse.
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