If I recall correctly, J&J uses the same adenovirus platform in the Ad26.ZEBOV component of their 2 part Ebola vaccine. Makes you wonder if the sample size for viral vector platforms has just been too small, or if we missed these rare events during the Ebola response. https://twitter.com/kakape/status/1381933097017606145
A must read to understand what’s happening w/ these vaccine-induced clotting events. It’s rare, & we’re probably making the wrong decision to pause vaccination entirely, but these are real problems that scientists are working through. Requires measured communication to the public https://twitter.com/kakape/status/1381208885479026689
The U.S. should be sampling for PF4 antibodies in the population, or even screening patients prior to vaccination like we should have done for the PEG antibodies at the root of the mRNA adverse reactions, but hey, why start a coordinated response now if we’re 16 months deep
Only using the number 6 is not helpful. We’re up to 228 cases between these 2 vaccines. 222 of those just happen to be outside of the American silo. It’s not a non-problem, but it is rare, and the risk to benefit does need to be better communicated. https://twitter.com/rodericka/status/1381948682648629248
The number is 6 currently. Again, a rare adverse event, but when you’re not properly tracking we won’t know exactly how rare. The number would be expected to climb as practitioners learn what to look for and review boards find more cases. That’s why a cool off period is important https://twitter.com/benwakana46/status/1381976510534447106
It’s best not conflate what’s happening here with the term ‘blood clot.’ The minimal data available in the U.S. does not override the literature in Europe. The evidence points to a rare systemic disorder dubbed VIIT, not a typical blood clot. https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/949108
All of the evidence points to adverse events that remain very rare. It’s the scientific community‘s job to determine how rare, the regulator’s job to decide if that is an acceptable level of risk, and a patient’s choice to decide if it’s right for them. Trust the process.
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