TLP came into limelight after execution of Mumtaz Qadri. It was a pure religiously motivated movement asking for release of Mumtaz Qadri in Salman Taseer's case. They remained active and protested against release of Asia Bibi too and during the matter of changes in Elections...
...Bill 2017 as well.

When did army created them? It was TLP who had been issuing death threats to army chief and other army officials. It was never created by anyone. Those who tell you that they're "apne log" of army, I want to ask them? Do you have any other argument...
...except for DG Rangers distributing Rs 1000 ticket money amongst arrested TLP people after Faizabad Dhrna of 2017. Those protestors were arrested by rangers & after government negotiations with TLP, rangers released them as per the agreement. The arrested individuals had no... with them to go back to their hometowns so they requested Rangers for ticket money. Following the military traditions of awarding money to someone, DG Rangers gave them Rs 1000 enclosed in envelopes for tickets, infront of media, police and cameras. He never wanted to...
...hide it. It was police who convoyed to DG Rangers that protestors who had just been released are requesting for money. But this matter, as always, was twisted against army by the known anti-army lobies.
-- When army or rangers officials talk to them & ask them to disperse or clear the roads.
Then: Why army and rangers are dealing with TLP? Let police deal with them? Is it army's job to talk to protestors?
-- When army doesn't involve itself in protests and stay at the back. Then: Where is army? Where are rangers? TLP causing damage, army shall control.

-- When army or rangers uses force. Then: Why to use force? Why you can't use the same for against PTM?
-- When army peacefully disperses the mob (like 2017).
Then: Why has army supported TLP? See, told you, army is with TLP.
Unfortunately, there is only one army & can't make each and every faction of Pakistani society happy. 😇
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