Amritsar Massacre. Genesis of Sikh-Nirankari Tussle & bigger Punjab problem.


The Vaisakhi of year 1978 had more than 12-13 lac people in Amritsar city for the holy Darshan of Harmandir Sahib. By all means it is momentous Sikh event.
On the same day, the Nirankaris had organised a conference in Amritsar. The Nirankaris had arrived from Delhi & other parts of India.

Note- The Nirankaris established under Baba Dayal singh in 1814 are not same as the Nirankaris talked in this thread.
The speakers at the conference made attacks on sikh scripture including attacks on Sikh Gurus. For context, most of the trad material on twitter abusing Sikh gurus and Sikhi is creation of Nirankaris which is peddled as history by some communal people.
A few Sikhs under the leadership of Bhai Fauja Singh marched towards the conference from Darbar Sahib. It can roughly be called as Akhand Kirtani Jatha. There were people from Akalis as well in the Jatha.
As per Giani Gurdit singh, The Nirankari head Gurbachan singh had placed his seat exactly 3ft higher than Guru Garanth Sahib in the hall. Gurbachan singh continued his attacks on Sikhs which varied from attacks on Guru Nanak to Sikh women of the age. (Will post separately soon)
The Nirankaris knew that Sikh opposition might be felt in the Sikh heartland so they had come all prepared with axes, guns, petrol bombs, acid bombs and swords.
Gurbachan singh said loud and clear “these sikhs think they can stop us from freely carrying out our program. Let them know today, how mistaken they are. Time has come to be active for those, who have come here for this job".- (Source- Sirdar Kapur singh )
The police stationed there tried to persuade Sikhs to not go inside. An officer OD Joshi went inside and told Nirankaris to prepare for slaughter of Sikhs.
In the violent attack that followed 13 Singhs were martyred and more than 50 injured. Gurbachan singh escaped the scene and so did all other culprits. They also left Punjab without any police action on them.
Sikh Shaheeds

Bhai Amrik singh
Bhai Avtar Singh
Bhai Darshan Singh
Bhai Dharamvir Singh
Bhai Fauja Singh
Bhai Gurcharan Singh
Bhai Gurdial Singh
Bhai Harbhajan Singh
Bhai Hari Singh
Bhai Kewal Singh
Bhai Piara Singh
Bhai Raghbir Singh
Bhai Ranbir Singh
It is Interesting to note here that Punjab was ruled by a Sikh party and minister Jiwan singh was also present in the Darbar Sahib. The govt could do nothing to take action on Gurbachan singh & also couldn’t convince centre to stop their programs in Punjab.
Much like Punjab isn’t able to do anything on quashing of cases against Sumedh Saini in this age and era today.
Nothing has changed.
So in oct 1987 a Hukumnama was issued to boycott Nirankaris and to not allow their creed to function in Punjab. Hukumnama was prepared by Giani Gurdit Singh, Giani Lal Singh, Giani Partap Singh, Sadhu Singh Bhaura Sardar Kapur Singh Sardar Parkash Singh Badal, Sardar Satbir Singh
Sources- 1. Sikh struggle for sovereignty by Dr. Harjinder Singh Dilgeer and Dr. Awatar Singh Sekhon.
2. The Illustrated History of the Sikhs (1947-78), by Gur Rattan Pal Singh
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