He waited at the bus stop, hands holding the strap of his huge yellow bag.

Up until last month, he stood there with Katsuki. They're few feet apart because the blond hated it when he stood right next to him.

Now, Izuku watched while Katsuki waits with Eijirou, his boyfriend.
The two of them started dating last week. It was a matter of time, Izuku knew but it still hurts.

It hurts how he had loved Katsuki all his life yet the guy dated someone whom they barely met for a year.

But really he can't blame him. Who would date someone like him anyway?
Bitterness coat his tongue. His heart drowned in the darkness of jealousy, self-pity, and loathe.

He's jealous of Kirishima Eijirou.

He pitied himself.

And he loathed Katsuki for making him feel this kind of pain.

Izuku bitterly chuckled to himself.
"Bus' here," Eijirou turned to Izuku. "Let's go."

"Oh! I forgot something at school, go ahead!" Izuku answered faking a smile.

Katsuki frowned, "What the fuck did you forgot, Shitty Nerd?"

"Forgot our math homework, you can both go ahead." He lied.
"We still got time, we can accompany you back to school." This is the reason why it's hard to hate Eijirou. He's kind. Izuku likes him.

"No way, let the dumbass go back on his own." Katsuki grimaced.

"Kacchan's right! Go ahead, I'll go back on my own."

It hurts.
"You sure?" The red-haired turned to him worriedly. Sometimes, he wished Eijirou was an asshole so he can hate him.

"We'll wait for you, stupid Deku." Katsuki crossed his arms over his chest.

"No need! I think I'll also talk to Yagi Sensei about something." Izuku assured.
"Fuck fine, let's go, Ei." Katsuki walked, boarding the bus.

"See you tomorrow, Midoriya!" The other guy waved goodbye before getting inside the bus.

"See you!" Izuku waved at them.

Katsuki flipped him off yet mouthed, "Don't be stupid." Izuku laughed. That's just him —
— telling him to take care and go home as soon as he's done.

Izuku watched the bus leave, staying on his spot. With a sigh, he pulled his phone to kill time and wait for the next bus. He wondered what excuse should he come up with tomorrow so he'll not wait with them.
After two more bus, the right bus finally came. Izuku quickly got inside. The moment he got in, the door shut full force that it made him jump in place.

Usually, bus waits for at least 5 minutes, strangely the moment he got in and he was the only one in, the bus door shut.
Shaking his thoughts away he pulled his bus card to pay yet there was no machine nor payment box.

"Uhm, how do I pay?" He asked the driver. The guy didn't answer nor look at him. Shrugging, Izuku just sat on the first seat he saw. The whole bus was empty and somewhat dimly lit.
As soon as he was settled, the vehicle started moving. Izuku focused on his phone, leaning against the window. Something is strange in the atmosphere, he can feel his stomach twist, his skin bursting into goosebumps.

He tried to contain whatever he was feeling.
He could hear his heart hammering against his chest. The hair on his nape was raising.

Something is wrong.

Something is wrong with the bus.

With the whole situation.

But he kept ignoring it, tried so hard to put every attention on his phone when he lost reception.
Izuku tried to refresh his phone by putting it on airplane mode then turning the mode off yet his phones still doesn't have any reception.

He then reboot his phone but it didn't turn back on. Panicking Izuku held the power button but nothing. His phone is dead.
It's impossible. He just upgraded his phone last month. Also, he still got around 60% of battery.

Biting his lips, he just focused on the view outside the window. They're close to where their bus usually turn to change it's route only it didn't turn and drove straight.
Izuku quickly look at the bus signage to make sure he rode the right bus. The signage was right. He rode the right bus but why the fuck did it not turn to the right route.

"Excuse me," he walked towards the driver he asked him if he rode the right bus towards his supposed stop.
The guy didn't answer. Izuku was starting to panic, he quickly grabbed the driver's shoulder to get his attention but he still kept his attention to the road, not saying anything.

Izuku shook his shoulder, desperate. Suddenly the guy fell forward, landing on the stirring wheel.
Izuku took a step back. His eyes landed on the driver... Or on the mannequin flopped on the stirring wheel while the bus kept moving as if someone was still driving it.

Screaming, Izuku quickly went to the door to open it but it won't budge.

What the fuck is happening?
The mannequin fell on the floor with a thud. Izuku felt like all air in his lungs left. He can't be scared now! He needed to leave the bus. He quickly presses the button for the door but nothing happened. Reaching for the radio, he tried to contact someone.
The static from the radio made Izuku's heart lurch to his throat. "Hello! Hello!" He yelled. "Is someone there! Please help me!" A broken reply came, Izuku couldn't understand anything. He tried to hit the radio, hoping to make it work but nothing. Still broken static.
Tears had been streaming down his face, his breathing was starting to be ragged.

Calm down, he told himself as he started pushing every button, just moving everything blindly, trying to make the bus stop of the radio to work.

Suddenly he heard a laugh. His skin tightening.
His eyes slowly went to the mannequin on the ground. It was smiling ear to ear, sound of laughter leaking of it. The laughter was a mix of a woman, man, child, and an old person.

It was jerking, trying so hard to move, Izuku could hear something cracking.

Crack. Crack. Crack.
Before Izuku could fully scream, the bus went inside a tunnel. Izuku could barely think of anything. His eyes locked at the mannequin flinching on the floor under the yellow light of the tunnel.

Izuku whipped his head in front of the tunnel as the lights turn off one by one.
Darkness engulfed everything.

Izuku gasped, bolting awake, he stared all over the bus. Blinking, he was at his stop. The greenette quickly stood up to leave the bus. The moment he was out, he pulled his phone out of his pocket.

It has a reception, he's at 50%.
Nightmare, he told himself, raking his hair, wiping his cold sweat away.

He quickly jog towards his house. When he got in, his mother called to him, "You're home, Zuku?"

/Zuku?/ Izuku wondered. His mom never called him Zuku.

"I thought you're with Katsu-kun?"
Why in the world would he be with Katsuki when the guy's probably busy making out with his boyfriend.

"No! Kacchan is busy. I'll be in my room." He answered running to his room. When he got inside his room, he fell on his knees, back against his closed door.
Sighing, Izuku removed his bag, placing it down in its usual spot. He then walked towards his bed, slumping down.

He felt tired. His stupid nightmare sucked his energy away. His eyes stared at his ceiling for quite sometime until he noticed something different.
His ceiling always had those glow in the dark stickers on them. Even when he grew old, he never removed them.

Bolting up, he looked all over his room. The interior was different. His room always had beige wall but this room had a light blue color.
Not only that, the All Might Merch were all gone instead was replaced by a merch of a band he doesn't even know.

Izuku roamed all over the place. Checking everything. The furniture was different, so were his clothes. But what surprised him was all the photos on the wall.
It was photos of Izuku, their classmates, his mom, Katsuki's parents but most od the photos were him and Katsuki.

Izuku removed on photo on the wall, it was a polaroid photo of him and Katsuki kissing. He recognized his handwriting on it.

[ Happy 3rd Anniversary ♡ ]
In his surprised, he let go of the photo, stepping backward. His eyes then darted on the framed photo on his bedside table.

It was a photo of him and Katsuki, the blond was kissing the side of his head while he was laughing. The photo was candid. He looked so happy in it.
What the hell is going on? He quickly pick up the polaroid, placing it on his study table. Izuku then picked up the framed photo, looking at it.

It was everything Izuku wanted.

Him and Katsuki. The two of them happy and in love.

His eyes drifted on another framed photo.
It was a photo of him, his mom, and dad.

"Zuku!" His mom called. In shock, he let go of the frame as it crashed on the floor the glass cracking.

"Yes, mom?" He answered back.

"I'll go out to buy something, I'll be back in an hour. Do you want anything?"

"No! I'm good!"
"Okay! Your dad will be late, you okay eating dinner late?" His brain stuttered at that.

His dad?

His dad left him and his mom when he was four. He had never seen him since.

"Yes! I'm good with anything!"

"Okay! I'll be back soon!"

What the hell is happening?
Izuku began ransacking his room. Trying to figure out what was happening. Luckily he found a journal stashed in his study table. Sitting on the wooden floor, he began reading through it.

His life, no, this Izuku's life was perfect. It was every little thing Izuku hope his —
— life was.

Him and Katsuki growing close and then falling in love and dating. His father never leaving him. Him having confidence.

Izuku felt bitter. His heart ached so much of the things he doesn't have. Would never have.

He heard the front door opening and closing.
Standing up, Izuku quickly left the room thinking it was his mom but to his surprised he came face to face with himself. The other Izuku was on the phone talking with someone but dropped his phone in surprise.

"Who are you!?" The other Izuku demanded, scrambling for his phone.
"Don't come closer, I will call the police!" The greenette added.

"Baby? What the fuck is happening?" Izuku stared at the phone of his other self, where Katsuki's voice is coming.

"Calm down," he quickly said to himself.

"Calm down?! How can I calm down? Who are you?!"
Izuku quickly lurched himself to the other him, snatching his phone away and ending the call while Katsuki was frantically calling his name.

He pinned the other Izuku on the ground while the guy trash, pushing him.

"Please calm down!" Izuku shouted.
"Get off me!!! Help!!" The other Izuku shouted.

Left with no choice Izuku slap him hard, enough to make him shut up, eyes widening in surprise.

"I'm sorry!" Izuku kept him pinned on the floor, straddling his torso. "But please hear me out first!"
A loud banging came on the door. They both looked at the door, hearing Katsuki calling Izuku's name.

Izuku quickly move away. "He can't call the police! I will hide first, please take care of him, I need your help." He begged at his other self.

The other Izuku was skeptical —
— but he soon nodded when he heard Katsuki would be calling the police. Izuku quickly hid himself in the kitchen while the other Izuku fixed himself and open the door for the blond.

"What the fuck, Izuku?" Katsuki burst. "Are you okay? Did something happen?"
Izuku was crouching down, hugging his knees listening to the other him try to bullshit his way out of what's happening.

"Are you sure, you're okay? Your cheeks red." Katsuki was suspicious. Izuku gritted his teeth, even here, he's perceptive.

"I'm fine," the other him assured
"I'm sorry for scaring you, Kacchan but I'm fine." The other Izuku added.

"Okay..." The greenette could hear Katsuki doubting.

"I am okay, silly."

Izuku could hear the two of them kissing.

"I'll call you later? I need to badly take shower and nap." Other Izuku said.
"You better call me before napping." Izuku could hear another kiss. "I love you, baby."

It hurts, his chest hurts. Izuku clutched his chest.

If him and Katsuki got together would it be like this? Would he be this sweet?

"I love you more, Kacchan." Other him replied.
When he heard the door closed, he quickly stood up and left his hiding place.

"Now, who are you?" His other self look at him.

"I don't know if you'll believe this," Izuku sighed. "I am you but I think I am from a different world."

The other Izuku furrowed his eyebrows.
"I honestly don't know what's going on as well but I'll tell you everything." Izuku swallowed. "I think... I think, I'm from a parallel world."

His other him now looked surprised, then his expression changed.

"Maybe we should talk in my room." He offered. Izuku nodded.
The greenette quickly apologized while they walk to the room, telling his other self that in order to understand what was happening, he ransacked the whole room.

Luckily, his other self understood. "I'll probably do the same thing," he chuckled.
Once they're inside the room, Izuku began explaining what happened from the bus stop, to the nightmare up until the two of them met.

His other self listened patiently, not questioning anything. The moment he was done with his explanation, comes the questions.
Izuku told his other self that their lives were vastly different. They started exchanging stories, learning about their own world.

The more his other self tells him about the world their in, the more Izuku felt envious. Bitter.

After an hour, his other self stood up —
— telling him that they'll work on how he can go back to his own world but he needed to take a bath first because he was starting to feel sticky.

Izuku nodded then was left on his own in the room when the phone of Other Izuku rang with Katsuki's name on the screen.
He was supposed to ignore it. He shouldn't touch more in that world yet his curiosity got the best of him as he answered the call.

"The fuck, Deku? What's taking you so damn long?" Katsuki scowled the moment the call connected.

"Sorry about that, Kacchan. I was changing."
"You okay?" Katsuki asked, his tone becoming gentle. His heart fluttered.

"Yeah, I think so."

"You don't sound okay. You know you can tell me everything right?"

Why can't he have this?

"Yes, I know. Thank you."

"Anything for you, you crybaby."

"I am not a crybaby!"
Yet he was wiping his tears away. Crying at the things that could have been if he had a better life. If he was more confident.

Why can't he have all of this?

Why can't his own Katsuki love him like this other Katsuki.

"Izuku," Katsuki worriedly said.
"I'm okay. I'm just tired. I'll call you later okay?" Izuku quickly replied drying his tears.

"I can go there maybe we can cuddle the shit out of whatever is making you suddenly sad." Katsuki offered.

Izuku wetly laughed. He'll never hear his own world's Katsuki say cuddle.
"No, it's fine. Promise. I'll call you soon, okay?"

"Fine, just call me anytime."

"Even at 3 in the morning?" Izuku teased. Knowing how his world's Katsuki was strict about getting his full sleep.

"Heck yeah, I'll stay up with you, baby." Izuku smiled at that.
"That's surprisingly sweet." Izuku chuckled. "I have to go."

"Okay, I love you, Deku."

His heart stopped. Something in him bloomed. The words echoed in him rippling through his soul.

Why can't he have this?

"I love you so much more, Kacchan." He replied.
When the call cut off, Izuku was left staring at the ceiling, chest tightening.

He wanted this.

He wanted this world. This family, this Izuku's life. He wanted Katsuki to love him.

Ah, he wanted this so much.

Izuku stood up and went to the kitchen, getting what he needed.
Once he got everything, he went back to the room starting cleaning when his other self was finally done taking a bath.

"I was thinking," the other Izuku said. "Maybe you can do something to make your Kacchan fall in love with you."

"I don't know." Izuku shrugged.
"He's dating someone already." He added.

"Well yeah he is but maybe you can do something about it, if you know what I mean?"

"You want me to get in the way between them?" Izuku was surprised.

"Is it that bad?" The other Izuku was busy pulling clothes off his closet.
"I mean, I just can't imagine Kacchan dating anyone but me! So your Kacchan should date you!" He cheerfully said.

Izuku walked towards him. "You're right." He then slammed his head with the baseball bat he knew his mother hid somewhere.
His other self quickly lost consciousness, blood trickling down his head.

Izuku was huffing hard looking at a person who bear the same face as him lying on the floor, half naked.

"I'm sorry," he cried. "I just... I just wanted what you have."

It hurts. It hurts so much.
He quickly went to work, tying him with the rope he got. He also placed a gag on his mouth.

Izuku had to stop. Had to go to the toilet and throw up. But he pulled himself together, he then covered the other Izuku's head with a garbage bag.
Undressing, he swapped his clothes with the Other Izuku, making him wear his uniform before grabbing the knife he hid under the bed.

He was crying so hard. At one point, he let go of the knife, hugging himself.

Fuck, he's so miserable. He just wanted this Izuku's life.
Taking a deep breath, he let go of the old Izuku.

He let go of his old world.

He let go of his old Katsuki.

He let go everything.

Pulling his arm, he jammed the knife at his other self. He could feel the flesh rip through. He could feel every emotions rushed in him.
Tugging the knife off, he stabbed him more. Puncturing his flesh, making sure to kill him.

Pulling away, Izuku stared at the bloodied body of his other self. He fell on his knees crying hard. Wheezing.

He felt sick.

He felt good.

He felt liberated.
He quickly removed the garbage bag off his face, he removed the bloodied gag then the rope.

Izuku quickly placed everything on another bag, hiding it under the bed. Grabbing a cutter, he strategically placed a gnash on his forearm before grabbing his other self's phone.
His hand was shaking, bloodied. Izuku quickly dialled for Katsuki's number one ring and the call connected.

"Kacchan," he whimpered. "Help me." He cried hard, his breathing pained and labored.

Katsuki quickly asked him what's happening but Izuku couldn't answer from crying.
He doesn't know how long he had been crying but then he heard someone knocking on the front door. Izuku stood up to meet Katsuki. The moment the blond saw him bloodied, his heart dropped on the floor.

"Izuku, fuck," Katsuki enveloped him on a hug. "What happened?"
Izuku hugged him close, crying loud in his chest. "I'm sorry." He cried. "I'm so sorry, Kacchan."

He was. He was sorry but he just wanted to be happy.

"Shh, I'm here. Tell me what happened." Katsuki tried to calm him down.

"I'm scared." He whimpered. "I'm sorry."
The blond calmed him down until Izuku could finally explain what happened while Katsuki was patching him up.

Izuku lead him to the room, Katsuki held his breath, when they got inside. The blond nearly fell on his knees.

Izuku explained everything but seeing it was different.
A whole different thing.

Katsuki had to hold Izuku tightly to assure himself that /his/ Izuku is alive. It was disorienting to see a bloody body lying on the floor with a knife on it and a face that resembled the person he loves the most.

His stomach twisted.
"What am I going to do? Will I go to jail?" Izuku weakly asked.

Katsuki shook his head. "No, this person is not supposed to be in this world anyway." He swallowed hard, crouching down to check on the pulse. "We will have to bury the body."

"I'm sorry, Kacchan."
Katsuki could still feel a faint pulse. "He's dead. We should bury it as soon as possible."

The blond looked at Izuku, the greenette just gave a weak nod.

He doesn't want to jump into conclusion but he needed to make sure. Katsuki knew something is not right.
Something in him tells him that he needed to make sure of things.

"I need to make a call." The blond left the room in hurry calling his mother who always had one strict rule for him. If ever he was involve with anything like this situation, he must call her no matter what.
After the call with Mitsuki not asking a single thing, Katsuki went back to the room where Izuku is just sitting looking so shocked.

The blond checked the pulse again, the other Izuku is still hanging which was good.

"The old hag will be here," Katsuki declared.
Katsuki crouched down in front of him, holding his hand, giving it an assuring squeeze. "How about you take a bath first, get clean while we take care of this."

Izuku gave a dazed nod letting Katsuki lead him to the bathroom. Once Izuku was settled, Mitsuki arrived.
Katsuki explained what happened to Mitsuki in hushed tone. Asking his mother to bring the other Izuku to the nearest hospital. Keeping it a secret.

"I am not sure if he's really my Izuku or the other Izuku." Katsuki helped Mitsuki settled the other Izuku's body in the car.
They had the other Izuku wrapped in a blanket.

"What's your plan if he's not your Izuku? He's clearly dangerous if he did this to his other self." Mitsuki asked.

"I don't know yet." Katsuki admitted. "Hurry, we don't have much time."

"Be careful, call me immediately."
"I will. Please update me." Katsuki glanced at the other Izuku before he went inside the Midoriya residences.

When he got into the room, Izuku was already in there, still wet, half naked, cleaning the spot vacated by the dying body of the other Izuku.
Katsuki wasn't really into subtlety, he always pounces while the iron is hot.

He doesn't have proof. There was no time to check everything.

"You're not the Izuku from this world." Katsuki said, low, serious. His eyes locked on the greenette, watching his every reaction.
"I know you'd suspect me." Izuku replied, voice broken. "All of this is just hard to believe." He turned to look at Katsuki.

"Stop lying." Katsuki was pushing his luck. He knew he could be his Izuku but he also needed to make sure.

Izuku looked broken, Katsuki held his heart.
The blond just want to embrace him, tell him he's sorry. Assure him that everything will be fine.

"I understand if you think I am not your Izuku but I will still hold on the promise we made to get married at the beginning of spring a year after we graduate in college."
Katsuki felt guilt swallowed him whole. There's no way the Izuku who's not from this world would know about that. It was a promise they made to each other the first time they fought and refused to talk for a week.

"I'm sorry, baby." Katsuki breathed. "I just have to make sure"
Izuku gave a small sad smile, "It's okay, I would have done the same thing."

The blond just went to him, wrapping his arms around him, gently caressing the back of his head, kissing his temple. "Today is a tiring day. I'm sorry for doubting you." He said softly.
Allowing himself to melt in Katsuki's arm, Izuku felt the gaps of between his soul slowly be filled. As the hug last longer, the more Izuku was convinced he did the right thing.

There was nothing wrong in wanting to be happy. Why was he taken to this world if he's not meant —
— to do this?

There was no reason for him to cross such parallel world that had everything he ever wanted if he's not meant to live on it.

"Kacchan," Izuku pulled away, meeting his gaze. "I love you so much. I really do."

"I know, Deku." Katsuki kissed his forehead. "I know"
Katsuki kissed his lips. The smell of blood filling the air, bringing the taste of copper in their mouth. "I love you more." He whispered as their lips parted.

Izuku smiled at those words. Exhilarated by the reality that this was his world now where his family is complete.
Where he has a better life. Where Katsuki loves him just as how he loves him.

Izuku felt home. He's finally home.

He knew, he knew this is where he's meant to be. In this world. In Katsuki's arm. His lips on his lips.

Yeah, it doesn't matter how he got here, what he did.
All that matters was, he's now there and he'll never leave.

Time flew and it was already a week since he came to this world, thanks to the other Izuku's journal, he was able to adjust easily. His life was so much better than he thought.

Everything was just perfect.
Izuku was about to sleep when he decided to check on his old phone which he charged an hour ago. He had rid everything he owned from the previous world but somehow kept his phone and just stash it somewhere letting it die.

While cleaning he came across the device again.
Grabbing the phone, he turn it on. As soon as it turned on, messages poured in.

From his mom, his classmates and friends.

And Katsuki.

[ Deku, where the fuck are you?! ]

[ Fuck you! I told you to not be stupid! ]

[ I swear to god, it's not funny! ]
He scrolled through so much message coming from him. His friends and classmates stopped texting him after three days. Even his mom stopped but Katsuki kept sending him message.

[ Please show your stupid face to me. Please, Izuku. Please. ]

His chest hurts.
[ Fine, fuck you! Fuck you! Rot wherever you are you stupid piece. ]

Izuku let out a chuckle, tears streaming down his face.

[ I'll do anything. Fuck. I'll give you anything. Everything. Just, fuck, Izuku, just come back to us. To me. ]
[ Please, give me another chance. Come back to me, Izuku. I'll wait no matter how long just come back to me. ]

Izuku could feel his heart ready to burst. Something in the pit of his stomach hurt. He's crying so hard, everything hurts.

Suddenly, he missed his old world.
No. It's not that he suddenly missed his old world, he always did, he just didn't want to admit it because the world he was currently right now was supposed to be the world where everything is perfect. Where he's supposed to be happier.

What the hell did he do?
His eyes darted on his phone when it rang, displaying Katsuki's name. Unable to move, he just watched the device until the call missed but another call quickly came.

Swallowing hard, Izuku answered it. There was a moment of silence when the call connected.
"Deku," Izuku could hear the quiver in Katsuki's voice making the greenette held his breath. "Deku, fuck, tell me where you are. Please."

"Kacchan..." He answered. "I-i don't know how to tell you where I am."

Katsuki didn't answer immediately but Izuku heard his sobs.
He tried so hard to held them in but they still made their way to Izuku.

"Are you okay where you are?" Katsuki asked as soon as he pulled himself together.

"Yeah, I'm okay."

"Can you tell me where you are?"

"It will take time to explain."

"Got plenty of it, shitty nerd."
Katsuki encouraged him. "Tell me all of it."

Izuku hesitated but he wasn't really good at denying Katsuki anything he asked. Like a foolish, Izuku tried to explain to Katsuki what happened even when it might sound crazy to him. Of course, he omitted things.
The blond listened to him patiently. Not asking a single question not until Izuku finish his explanation.

"Have you tried finding a way to go back?" Katsuki asked. Izuku had his theory on how he can go back but never actively test them out.


Izuku pinched his lips together, with a soft voice he admitted, "I like being here."

Katsuki was silent for seconds. "Why?" He asked, hushed.

"Because the you here..." Izuku paused. "Love me."


"The Kacchan here loves me." The greenette repeated.
The fact that he killed his other self was left unsaid. The guilt ans the responsibility on his shoulder was also a huge factor. Izuku knew he can't just leave, he made his bed, he now has to lay out it. He can't just leave and pretend he didn't do anything.
"I do too, idiot." Katsuki sighed. "How could I not we grew together."

Izuku shook his head lightly. "No, not that kind of love, Kacchan." A pause. "The Kacchan here loves me the way I wanted to be loved."

"What the fuck do you even mean?"

Izuku stared at his ceiling.
"Kacchan, I love you." He smiled. "I love you more than a friend. More than anyone else. I have always loved you. I always imagined a life with you when we grow old. I... I, just, I love you."

Katsuki didn't answer.

"I love you all my life," he choked on his sobs.
"Do you know how hard it was for me to watch you fall in love with someone else? I keep thinking of what could I have done better so that it would be me. I keep on asking why it can't be me. I wanted to hate Kirishima-kun so bad but I can't. He's perfect for you."
All the words Izuku kept in his heart were out in the gates. And he could no longer stop everything from pouring out.

He could no longer shut up.

"How could I hate him when he makes you happy?" Izuku wiped his tears away.


"I just want to be happy, Kacchan."
The Katsuki of his world will never love him the way he wanted to be loved. And it was not Katsuki's fault and lately, Izuku also realized it wasn't his fault.

There are just love that doesn't belong to you no matter how much you wanted it.

"Am I wrong for wanting that?"
"No." Katsuki answered. "There's nothing wrong in wanting to be happy, Deku."

Izuku wiped his tears away.

"I was planning to wait for you to come back before I tell you this," a pause. "I don't really understand how love works even after dating Ei. It's a weird concept."
Katsuki continued, "It felt unreal. Pretentious even. When we were young we learn about love in sappy movies our mothers loved watching. It was supposed to be slow motions, fireworks, butterflies and all that stupid drama."

The greenette fluttered his eyes close, listening.
Katsuki chuckled soft, pained, "My love was different. There was no fireworks, no butterflies, the time definitely didn't stop."

It's funny how you grow up being taught about love but end up still not knowing anything about it.

Izuku ached. Ached in longing.
"It was just me waking up from a nap I took lying on the floor, seeing your face that one summer day. My heart didn't raced, my stomach didn't twist, but something in my soul just aligned."

Izuku's tears welled.

"But I was too dumb to realize what it was." Katsuki sighed.
He remembered that time. They were hanging at Katsuki's house, left the door of veranda open. Izuku lied down on the floor because it was cold. Katsuki followed. They bickered about the best movie that year and fell asleep.

Katsuki woke up first. When he woke up the latter —
— pushed his face away with his palm then smacking his face with the throw pillow.

"I'll tell you the rest when we meet again." Katsuki said.

Izuku didn't answer.

"Will you meet me again?" The blond asked.

"I don't know, Kacchan."

Izuku knew he's at the point where he could no longer turn around, return, and forget everything.

Not with a stained hand.

"Let me tell you the rest, Izuku." Katsuki's voice was tight. "Meet me again, Shitty Nerd."

He ached so much of longing.
His heart was heavy of the words he long to say. Of the embrace, kiss, and touches he kept inside for his world's Katsuki.

"Okay." Izuku muttered. "I'll meet you again, Kacchan."

"I'll wait." Pause. "I'll wait for you."


"Good night, Deku."

"Good night, Kacchan."
The greenette ended the call, he stared at his phone before he turned it off, putting it back to its hiding place.

He had a theory on how he can go back as he did a research about it.

One, he needed go be on the bus stop at the day of the new moon.
Second, he has to be there on the same time like that day.

Third, he needed to board the bus at exactly 5:55. The bus should be empty with no bus card machine nor payment box. The driver should not reply to him. In the midst of the ride his phone should lose reception.
He hasn't tested it because he's afraid. He's afraid that instead of him going back he'll jumped into a new parallel world.

There was no way to test things out. It would be a huge gamble if he tried his theory.

Izuku slumped on his bed, ready to sleep when his phone rang.
"Hello, Kacchan?" He said the moment the call clicked.

"Can you meet me outside?" There was something different from his voice.

Izuku glanced at the clock on his study table.


"Uhh, sure, I'll just get a jacket." The call quickly cut off. Izuku stared at his phone.
The greenette put a black hoodie on. Something felt off, he could feel it. Izuku went to his study, grabbing his silver cutter, he stuffed it inside his pocket together with his phone.

When he got out, Katsuki was waiting for him in an all black ensemble, he has a black cap on.
"Kacchan, is there a problem?" He asked stuffing his keys in his back pocket.

"Follow me." The blond replied, ignoring his question.

"Okay," He answered while calming himself down internally. Thinking of what seemed to be the problem. Rethinking of his every action.
They stopped at the playground. Katsuki sat down on the bench, he gestured Izuku to sit next to him, the greenette quietly complied hands inside his hoodie, one holding his cutter.

At the thought of what he was doing, Izuku let go of his cutter. Paling.
Why the fuck was he so ready to cut the guy?

He's supposed to be in love with him. And being ready to cut him down is not being in love. Izuku choked in guilt. He had always been on edge since that day.

Katsuki leaned forward, arms against his thighs. "He's dead."

Katsuki ignored his question. "He died just this evening. He had been on ICU since that day. Barely hanging on. You punctured his lungs and the complications just piled up."

Izuku paled at what he heard. "Y-you told me he was dead before."

The blond didn't answer.
Izuku could feel his hands starting to shake that he had to clench at his hoodie tightly.

"I have been visiting him for the past weeks." Katsuki said.

Something felt wrong. His instinct was telling him to stand up and run.

Katsuki pulled something out of his own jacket.
The blond reached for his hand. He pulled his wrist, propping one of his hand inside his pocket out. "Did you know that day when you killed him, I gave him a childish ring that I won in a gatcha." Katsuki slid the plastic ring in his finger.

Izuku felt air left his lungs.
"That's the difference between you two." Katsuki held his hand tight. Izuku met his red eyes. they were burning so bright with hell fire of a lover who was robbed by the person they cherished the most.

"Tell me the truth," his voice was eeriely calm.
The cold night breeze blew, yet Izuku had long shivered at Katsuki's words.

"You are not the Izuku of this world," it wasn't a question. Not even an accusation. It was just straight cold fact.

Izuku could feel his throat clenched painfully.

"No." He breathed.
There was no way out. He's at the dead end. He did this and now he has to face the consequences of his actions.

Ah, he wanted to see his Katsuki. Hear what he has to say.

Katsuki lets him go laughing hard. Cold. "You're sick. You're fucking sick." He screamed.
"Kacchan, listen!" Izuku stood up facing him. "I am your Izuku!" He wanted to smack himself but before he knew it the lie was out of his mouth. "You have to believe me!"

Katsuki stood up, wrapping his hand around his neck. Izuku painfully groaned. "Stop lying, bastard."
Izuku fought him clawing his arm, trying to push it away. "Stop lying," Katsuki repeated, each word emphasized.

"Yes, I am not the Izuku of this world!" The greenette finally screamed.

The blond let him go, laughing humorlessly, tears streaming down his face.
"You called me, made me believe that you're MY Izuku! And you want me to help you bury him! Bury the person I love!" Katsuki snarled. Izuku fell on his knees, tears streaming down his face. "You're sick! You're fucking sick!"

And he couldn't say anything. What would he say?
Izuku knew what he did but it was as this was the only moment he could feel the gravity of what he did. He stared at his shaking hands, he killed his other self just because he wanted a taste of the perfect life he has. Just because he wanted to be loved in return.
/I just want to be happy, Kacchan/

The happiness he wanted cost more than he was willing to pay.

"I'm sorry." Izuku sobbed.

"You're sorry?" Katsuki raked his hair. "Give him back to me."

Green eyes stared at the red ones, weeping for his lost.

"Give him back to me!"
"I'm sorry." He repeated. "I'm sorry."

Katsuki grabbed his hair, pulling downwards. Izuku grunted in pain. Katsuki leaned down taking his lips, sliding his tongue inside his mouth, exploring his mouth while Izuku was just frozen.

"I'm going crazy," Katsuki pulled away.
Tears kept rolling down his face. "It's the same. You both taste the same. Feels the same. Look the same." Izuku whimpered. "Yet I know. I know you're two different person."

"Kacchan," Izuku cried.

Katsuki knelt before him, pressing his forehead against his.
"Izuku," he whispered. "You are not leaving me." The greenette felt his heart stopped. "Don't leave me. You are not allowed to leave me."

/Let me tell you the rest, Izuku/

"This is your punishment." Katsuki added. "You have to stay with me until your last breath."
/Meet me again, Shitty Nerd./

"Kacchan..." Izuku ached. He had been aching.

"If I have to chase you in every world, I will. You can't leave me." It would have been sweet said in a different circumstances but Izuku knew better.

He knew better.
Katsuki pulled away, standing up. "Let's go home." He offered his hand to Izuku. The greenette stared at it for a moment before accepting it. The guy help him up. He also help him dust himself.

They began walking, Katsuki talking as if nothing happened. It made Izuku sick.
The finally reached Izuku's place. The blond turned to him, "I'll sleep over tonight." Katsuki smiled small.

Izuku just looked at him. His head was filled with nothing but his world's Katsuki. The difference between him and the Katsuki in front of him. The words he said.
/I'll wait for you./

Taking a step back, Izuku stared at the ground. He's scared. He's scared to face the consequences of what he did. Scared of a lot of things. His green eyes stared at the blond in front of him.

They look the same, sounded the same, yet different.
/I'm going crazy/

"Deku, let's get inside." Katsuki's brows furrowed.

In a snap, Izuku bolted away. He ran. Ran. Ran. Ran. Ignoring Katsuki calling for him. Ignoring everything. He ran not knowing where he'll go or what will happen next.

Without thinking he board a bus.
Izuku whipped his head to the door when it slammed hard. He looked all over the bus, it was empty and dimly lit.

He quickly turn to look for a bus card machine or payment box but there was none. The driver didn't look at him and kept his eye on the road.
Raking his loose green curls, Izuku let out a soft laugh while walking to the first seat. He slumped down, leaning against the window.

He allowed himself to cry hard in guilt. In relief. In sadness.

The bus drove, Izuku closed his eyes handing everything down to fate.
When he opened his eyes, he was on his stop. Izuku exited the bus with a slamming heart.

He doesn't know if he was back to his own world or transported to another. He sure hope he was back home.

Every step was heavy as he walk to his house. Arriving, he pressed the doorbell.
He heard his mother's voice which effectively made him tear up. When the door opened he was welcomed by the familiar figure of his mother.

"Izuku," Inko gasped in disbelief.

"I'm back, mom." Izuku smiled, throat burning from his tears.

Inko enveloped him in a tight hug.
They got inside the house, Inko fuzzing over him. Asking if he was okay, if he had already ate but the lady didn't force him to tell her what happened.

Izuku, on the other hand, asked her what happened. Inko told him how they had been looking for him. The changes since he left.
Inko then quickly phoned the police telling them Izuku made it home, relying the little lie Izuku told him why he was gone.

The lady then phone the Bakugou's telling them about Izuku coming back since they had been the one who helped Inko the most in finding Izuku.
The greenette excused himself while his mother talked to Mitsuki. He took a quick bath then went inside his room. Seeing all the All Might merch and the glow in the dark stickers on his ceiling brought him immense comfort than what he expected.

He was home, he told himself.
He's really home, he repeated as he lied down his bed.

Ready to close his eyes, a knock came to his door. "Deku," he heard Katsuki's voice behind the door.

His heart leap in both fear and anticipation. Izuku stood up to open the door for the blond.
The moment the door opened, Katsuki pulled Izuku on a tight embraced. "Fuck you, Deku." He grumbled hugging him so close that they could have merged. "I fucking hate you."

Izuku chuckled in relief, hugging Katsuki. He knew then and then that this was his Katsuki.
"I'm back, Kacchan." Izuku pulled away, smiling at him.

"Welcome back, dumbass." Katsuki pinched both of his cheeks making Izuku whine in pain. "Ready to hear the rest of it?"

Izuku detached himself from the blond, "I need you to hear something first then tell me if you —
— still want to tell me the rest."

Katsuki furrowed his eyebrows at him yet he gave a tight nod. The greenette gestured for him to sit on the bed as he closed the door.

"What's this about?" The blond grunted, leaning against the headboard of his bed.

"You won't like it."
"I tend to not like a lot of things." Katsuki rolled his eyes.

"You like yourself though," Izuku laughed.

"Damn straight, I am awesome." The guy smirked.

Ah, he missed this Katsuki. This was his Katsuki.

Izuku settled down on the bed and told him everything.
He didn't hold back. Izuku gave every detail even the once he promised to keep with him till the die they bury him.

"Let me get this straight," Katsuki's voice was quiet. "You killed your other self in the parallel world you went into."

Izuku nodded. "I did."
"I wanted his life so bad. It was like seeing what it would be like if your life is perfect and it just consumed me." Izuku added. "Before I knew it was preparing things and doing whatever I planned in my mind."

Katsuki didn't say anything.

Izuku looked at him with a sad smile
"I am a murderer, Kacchan."

"You are." Katsuki muttered, nodding. "How can you that?"

"I was so desperate," Izuku's tears sprang. "So miserable. So desperate. I wanted to be happy so fucking bad."


"Did... Did I do that to you?" Katsuki choked.
"Did I made you miserable enough to think that your only option is to murder your other self for a taste of happiness?" He sounded pained. Shocked. Disbelieving.

Izuku shook his head. "No. I did that to myself, Kacchan."

The tension was so thick. The silence echoed.
The greenette slowly came to terms of how in the room, Katsuki's view of who he was, was slowly changing.

"Let's forget about it." Izuku turned to look at the guy. He met his red eyes. They shone with determination that Izuku can't place. "All of it, let's forget it."
"Let's forget about the other world. The other you. The other me." He added.

Izuku nodded, "It's like fever dream."

"And maybe it is." They both knew the truth but no one had the guts to say it.

"I'm worried though," Izuku looked at him. Katsuki raised his brow in question.
"I'm worried about the other you. He might go here and do something." Izuku could hear every word the other Katsuki said like he was just there in front of him.

"You think that shit could do something to me?"

"Kacchan, he's you. He's as smart and as strong as you."
"Fuck you, I can take care of myself and this damn copy cat." The blond crossed his arms over his chest.

"I know you are capable but can we have a password or something." Izuku asked. "A word will say to each other whenever we see each other?"

Katsuki contemplated and gave in
They began throwing words at each other suggesting it as a password but Izuku insist on something that is nothing close when it comes to Katsuki nor Izuku. Something totally random.

"Let's make it three, to be safer." Izuku suggested. Katsuki groaned at that, deciding on one —
— password was already a drag now they have to think of three.

After almost an hour of debate they finally settled for three words.

One : Daffodil, a flower that means rebirth.
Two : Bordighera, a title of a Monet painting
Three : Anubis, an Egyptian god.
The first word would be use whenever they see each other. The third word will be use if they spotted the other Katsuki or encounter him. Lastly, the second word will be used after Katsuki met the other Katsuki. It's an indicator that they didn't switch.
"Aren't you a bit too paranoid?" The blond rolled his eyes.

"No. I don't think I am." Izuku answered. The two didn't speak about the possibility of this other Katsuki killing him because if Izuku did it out of desperate jealousy, the other Katsuki had more reason to do it.
"I'm sorry for dragging you into this." Izuku solemnly said.

Katsuki dismissed him, "It's fine."


"Izuku," the blond called. "I haven't changed my mind, I'll tell you the rest of what I was meant to say."

The greenette turned to him, smiling.
The taller guy scooted closer to him. "Listen carefully because I am bad at this sappy shit."

"Wait, what about Eijirou?" Izuku asked, looking away but Katsuki made him look at him.

"You're seriously asking me that?"


Katsuki sighed, "We broke up."
Izuku gave a nod. Somehow his heart was heavy of the thought of his other self, the other Katsuki, and now, even Eijirou.

It almost felt like he didn't deserve whatever Katsuki was about to say. And maybe he doesn't.

"Fuck," Katsuki pulled away, his ears flushed.
He ran his palm over his face. "I like you and when you were gone, I realized I like you way more than I thought I did." A frustrated groan. "The internet told me to say I can't live without you but I actually can. I know I can it's just that I'd rather not."
Katsuki, held his hand, locking his fingers with Izuku's. "I just want to stay with you 'till we're old. 'Till our hair is grey and balding. 'Till we look awful from wrinkles and we barely can walk."

"Goddammit," Katsuki looked away, neck red like his cheeks and ears.
Taking a deep breath, Katsuki turned to face Izuku, looking at him straight in his emerald eyes. "I like you, okay? I'm pretty sure it's beyond like."

Izuku couldn't say anything, he was just looking at him in disbelief. It felt like a dream. Like a delusion.
"Ah, fuck! Stupid Deku making me say all this annoying gross things." Katsuki scowled.

Izuku snorted at that, blooming into full laughter. Yep, this is his Katsuki. There was no doubt.

Katsuki glared at him, "Stoo laughing, dweeb. I will kick you."

"Sorry, Kacchan."
The blond then pulled him forward, wrapping his arm around his neck that they almost stumble down. Izuku swallowed hard feeling Katsuki's face so close to him.

"I will not say this again, listen up, nerd." His voice was low. His cheeks pink. "I love you."

Izuku's heart danced.
Katsuki pushed him away. "Now fuck off." Izuku blinked stumbling at his bed. He chuckled as he sat down looking at Katsuki pouting angrily. He looked like he's about to explode.

"I love you more, Kacchan." Izuku answered. "And yeah, let's stay together 'till we're old."
"Shut it." Katsuki grunted.

Izuku scooted closer. "Can I kiss you?" He asked.

"Yeah, come here." The guy pulled him. Their lips pressed to a gentle kiss. Izuku was contented with that but Katsuki took it further, deepening their kiss until tongue got involved.
Until the air in their lungs became short.

/It's the same. You both taste the same. Feels the same. Look the same./

Izuku felt a bolt of lightning coursed in him making him push Katsuki away.

/Yet I know. I know you're two different person./

His back hit the headboard.
"What the fuck, Deku!" Katsuki glared at him.

"I'm sorry." Izuku quickly apologized.

The blond kept his ruby eyes on him. "Something wrong?"

The other guy quickly shook his head. "Nope. Nothing's wrong." He raked his hair. Katsuki nodded deciding not to pry anymore.
Katsuki slept next to him that night and despite being home and next to the guy he had loved all his life, all Izuku could think was the other Katsuki.

His pain. His anger. His agony.

The way he had broke him and just left him alone to pick up himself.

Izuku stew in guilt.

3 years after

Izuku groaned, cracking his neck. Long lectures wi be the end of him. Who the hell created the schedule and why did they put mathematics for four hours starting at 7 in the morning.

He hates himself for his schedule. Who the hell takes math 7 in the morning?
If he could just bang his head on the wall for a second.

His first semester in UA is going great, he sarcastically told himself. After a lot of thinking, he took up Physics as a degree in college. Admittedly it was his encounter with another world that inspired that.
Stepping out of the building he's hungry and ready for lunch. With how much his brain was fried, he needed one hell of a good lunch.

Admittedly, sometimes, he felt like him going to parallel world was nothing but a dream. His eyes darted on the plastic ring on his finger.
If it weren't for the ring, he would think of a whole thing as a fever dream he somehow made.

"Deku!" Izuku turned to look at Katsuki waving at him. The guy had a growth spurt and was now several inches taller than him. Every girl was staring at him looking good in his —
— knitted black turtle neck, ripped jeans, combat boots, ans long coat. He looked like he came out from a drama or something.

Katsuki also got into UA studying fashion merchandising while also being a basketball varsity player.

"Oh, Kacchan," he bounced to him.
"I thought, you'll be busy today?" Izuku asked receiving the hot drink the blond got him.

Katsuki kissed the side of his head. "Will never be too busy for you."

Izuku chuckled at that. "Thanks."

"You're welcome, baby." Katsuki leaned to kiss his lips. Izuku smiled letting him
"I'm so hungry and I officially hate math!" Izuku pouted making the blond chuckled telling him he'll help him with whatever he was having hard time with.

They walked to their recent favorite restaurant. Katsuki telling him that he will be busy after lunch.
"I should probably change degree," Izuku whined as they got out of the restaurant.

"You can do whatever you want." Katsuki softly laughed.

"Maybe I'll stop studying and just let you spoil me." Izuku grinned, teasing.

"You can also do that, babe. I'll love that."
Izuku laughed. "Course you do. I'll see you later, Kacchan."

"Later, baby." The blond kissed him on the lips as they parted ways with Izuku walking to their rented apartment close to the school.

It was only ten minute walk and he was home. Izuku keyed in his passcode.
The lights automatically turned on. He placed down his bag on the sofa as he went straight to the kitchen to drink a glass of water when he was suddenly trapped by arms against the counter.

"Daffodil, Deku." Izuku froze at the voice whispering against his ears.
"Took me some time but I finally found the right bus." Katsuki added.

Izuku turned to look at him. The guy looked similar like the Katsuki of this world only he looked much more exhuasted with dark circles under his eyes.

It had been three years since he last saw him.
Three years since he decided to leave.

"It's a little cruel how you just left me a note after you promised to grow old with me." The blond raked his hair.

"Kacchan," Izuku swallowed hard.

"I missed you, you cruel piece of shit." Katsuki moved closer their bodies pressing.
"Listen, Kacchan. I'm sorry for leaving you but the Katsuki here needs me more." Izuku tried to explain.

Katsuki laughed pulling away. He laughed humorlessly. "He needs you? I need you as well! I told you that! I am YOUR Katsuki but you left me for that motherfucker?"
Izuku knew it was selfish yet before he could think straight. He left Katsuki three years ago at the break of the down hoping to get to the bus bank to the other Katsuki.

And he was given the chance, he went back to the other world, apologized to the other Katsuki, —
— promising that he will never leave him again. That he will stay with him until his last breath as a payment for what he did to his other self.

As time passed by he truly began to love the other Katsuki. He was easy to love, sweet with the right kick of spice.
Yet now, he was coming face to face with his real world's Katsuki. The one he left behind. The one he was supposed to be with.

Katsuki let out a laugh, echoing all over the apartment.

"I'm going to kill you." Katsuki turned to him. He looked so exhausted. So miserable.
Tears rolled down his cheeks, he was shaking. "I am going to fucking kill you." The guy grabbed his upper arm pushing him to the cold tiled floor.

Izuku let out a pained grunt, "Kacchan, wait!" He exclaimed to the guy who had him pinned on the ground, one knife on hand.
Katsuki brought down his arm to strike but Izuku managed to stop him. Pushing Katsuki's hand away, groaning with all his strength to not have the knife buried in his flesh.

"Die, shitty Deku!" The blond snarled, nearly feral.

"Kacchan! Stop! Please," Izuku fought back.
With force, Katsuki pushed his arm down. Izuku screamed as the knife cut him on the shoulder. Good thing, it missed at most because he stopped him.

"Kacchan," he cried, pressing his hand on the cut on his shoulder. The blond just laughed, loud, unrestrained. Mad as a hatter.
Katsuki wiped his finger on the knife gathering blood from it, he then painted Izuku's lips with it.

"Izuku," he smudged the blood at the corner of his lips. The greenette was sobbing beneath him. "This was all your fault. All your fucking fault so what are you crying about?"
"Kacchan, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry." Izuku hicupped. His shoulder burned. The pain was unbearable. "I'm really sorry."

"No." Katsuki looked at him coldly. "You're not sorry, Izuku. You never were."

Izuku sobbed.

"All you think about is yourself." Katsuki spat bitterly.
"You killed your other self because you were desperately jealous. You went back to me because you wanted the attention and the love that I can give you. Then you went back to this world because you're too guilty." Katsuki's eyes were dull. "You only do things that benefits you."
Izuku burns in shame. He couldn't say anything. There was nothing to say. How can he even defend himself?

"You didn't care about me. You only care about satiating your guilt that it doesn't matter who you break and left behind as long as you got your /happiness/.”
Katsuki placed the tip of the knife against Izuku's throat. If he had the necessary force, he could kill him in one go.

Izuku's eyes widened when he heard the code of the door being punched in.

The blond let out a smirk. "This started with us and it will end with us."
Katsuki just placed one finger in front of Izuku's lips to shut him up. The greenette stayed still, barely breathing. He prayed it was not the other Katsuki but he knew it would be him. .

The door pushed open. "Babe! Our class was cancelled! We can shop right now!"
"What a timing huh?" His world's Katsuki mouthed to him.

"Baby?" The other guy called. "Izuku?"

The real Katsuki stealthily move away from Izuku, "Talk and you'll die." He warned.

They heard footsteps coming their way.

I can't be selfish right now, Izuku told himself.
Swallowing hard, "Kacchan, run!!" Izuku screamed as loud as he can alerting the other Katsuki.

"Fuck!" Katsuki gritted his teeth as he stood up and came face to face with his other self while the other Katsuki.

He swung his arm to stab him but the other Katsuki dodged.
The other Katsuki quickly disarmed the other blond kicking the knife away while they exchange blows. Hitting and dodging. The other Katsuki was focused on defense while the real Katsuki was moving with the power of rage and adrenaline rush.
His fighting style was nothing but wild which makes it unpredictable. Izuku quickly pushed himself to stand up only to see his world's Katsuki landing a kick on the stomach.

The other Katsuki was thrown on the floor which gave the real Katsuki a chance to kick him over and over
Izuku quickly run to stop Katsuki but was only thrown by a powerful punch that casted him on the ground.

With much gusto the real Katsuki began stepping on the other Katsuki's face in full force busting his nose and lips. The other tried to stop him to no avail.
Izuku stand up, throwing himself to make Katsuki stop.

"You'll kill him! Stop!" He pleaded.

"That's the fucking point, dipshit!" Katsuki snarled shoving him away but Izuku just gave his full strength to push him away from the other Katsuki.
"Stop it! Kill me instead!" Izuku was breathing hard, his clothes is now soaked in blood. The other Katsuki was groaning in pain the floor, nearly unconscious. There was just red splatter all over the floor.

"Wow," Katsuki brushed his hair with his palm. He shook his head.
"You'll go that far for him?" He asked, unbelieving.

"It's not for him!" Izuku quickly defended. "You were right this was my fault. It's all my fault."

"Course, it's your damn fault." Katsuki rolled his eyes. "Admitting and doing something about it are two different things."
"This is me doing something about it." Ah, his muscles are starting to numb.

Katsuki laughed, shaking his head. "Okay, get me that knife, Deku."

Izuku quickly walked to the discarded weapon, picking it up.

"Hurry up and give it to me." Katsuki said, unamused.
Izuku handed the knife over to Katsuki. "Kneel." The guy commanded which he quickly followed.

"Close you eyes, Deku." Izuku fluttered his eyes closed, readying himself for anything even when his brain was blaring for him to run.

He's scared.

He's really scared.
Izuku could hear the other Katsuki trying so hard to call his name. To tell him to flee. He couldn't barely get the words out without choking in his own blood and spit. Mentally, Izuku apologized to him, to his Katsuki, to his other self, to his mom, and his friends.
"Tilt your head, Deku." Katsuki's voice hummed under his skin making him remember how much he's scared. He thought of everything his past, the current, and the future he wanted. He's working on.

He felt the tip of the knife against his throat and he's scared. He's so scared.
"Choose your god and say your prayers, " Katsuki whispered. "One," he started counting, Izuku's tears streamed down uncontrollably.

He's going to die, he thought.

He doesn't want to die, he countered.

Everything is his fault. All of it.

"Two," Katsuki continued.
If only he did everything right.

If only he had done things better.

Thought of it better.

He felt the blade of the knife moved away, his breathing halted. "Three!" Katsuki shouted driving the knife into the other Katsuki's head. Killing him in an instant.
Izuku's eyes snapped open. Katsuki looked at him coldly.

"I told you it will end with us." The blond said. "I will never see you again. Today, you are dead to me. You will never forget about this day. About me. About your other self and the other me. Never."
"When you close your eyes you'll only be plagued by the thoughts of us. Of how you messed this all up. You'll never get rid of us. The weight snd blood of our other selves are in your hand." Katsuki leaned down gripping Izuku's hair kissing him deep one last time.
"Go to hell, Deku." He pulled away, turning his back away from Izuku leaving him unable to move. Watching the guy he had loved his whole life disappear.

When the door closed behind him, Izuku cried hard, curling on a ball next to the other Katsuki's corpse.
After long hours of crying and lying on the floor, drying blood in him. Izuku got up and called the police.

"What's your emergency?" The operator asked.

"I killed my boyfriend." He can't feel anything. Not a single thing.

All he wanted was to be happy.
"Can you please elaborate that?" He knew the operator was stalling and was just tracking his location.

"We got into a fight, I stabbed him." He answered tentatively, he then gave the address before hanging up.

He sat next to Katsuki, playing with the plastic ring.
"I love you." He cried silently as the police broke down the door and was welcomed by the horrid scene.

They quickly cuffed Izuku's wrist reading him their spiel. The greenette didn't say anything, numbly following them.

Everything was a blur. He barely remembered anything.
But he did remembered Mitsuki yelling at him. Crying at the loss of his only son. "I know you'd do this to him! I've always warned Katsuki you sick fuck!"

Izuku didn't have in him to answer.

The trial was fast as he just practically admitted the crime.

5 years later

Izuku just follow quietly as the guard lead him to the bus that would take him to his new prison. Since the one he's in received an order of demolition to make way for a new infrastructure.

The moment he got inside the caged bus, the door shut behind him.
Izuku looked at the bus, it was empty when some of the detainees were supposed to be there already. He looked at his hand, his cuffs were gone. His clothes were changed into a casual one.

He turned to look at the bus driver who was focused on the road. His heart hammered.
Marching, he shook the driver hard on the shoulder. "No! Take me back! I don't want to do this anymore! Not anymore!!"

But the driver didn't budge, he just started driving. Izuku turned to the door kicking it hard, begging to be let out.

They entered a tunnel.
Blinking. Izuku looked at the stop they were at. The greenette turned to the driver to demand him to take him back but the guy just stood up and pushed him off the bus.

Now izuku was standing in the bus stop in the middle of nowhere. The road was old and some parts are broken.
Grumbling, he sat on the bus stop but when he got bored he pushed his hands inside his pockets and began walking.

He had been walking for so long but he can't see a single house nor there was a single vehicle passing by. It was as if he's the only one left in the world.
It took an hour of walking before he got into a small town. He finally start seeing houses, rice paddy, children, and citizens.

Tired, he stopped at one small store and checked his pockets for money, luckily he had a wallet with him.

Flipping the wallet open, he saw an id.
His eyes widened but before he could remove the id, someone whack him behind his head making him whine in pain.

"Oh, where the fuck were you?" Izuku turned around to see Katsuki glaring at him. "You done sulking or what?"

"Kacchan..." He had always wanted to see him again.
"What, asshole?" The blond glared at him.

"What year is it?" He asked, heart beating. The blond rolled his eyes answering him.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Katsuki looked at him with suspicions.

Izuku stared at the id on thewallet, pulling it off.
He stared at his face, he looked older at on it.

[ Midoriya Izuku
Axis Corp. Head Researcher ]

A small paper fell off, it was an old tattered sticky note, he quickly picked the it up, reading the first line.

[ Maybe you'll find another me in another world. ]
The continued to read.

[ Make sure it's someone who's not as sickly as I am, shitty nerd. ]

Izuku felt his throat tightened.

[ I'll see you in another world, crybaby.

Katsuki ]

"What the fuck are you reading?" Katsuki tried to snatch the paper away.
Izuku quickly dodged him but the blond just chased him.

Slowly his memories were coming back. He placed the note back inside the wallet still running away from Katsuki who's chasing him.

Izuku turned to look at his arm where streaks of line were tattooed.
Seemed like he fucked up a lot of world. Izuku groaned in pain as Katsuki headlocked him.

After some time of jumping from one world to another, he had lost his sense of self.

"Kacchan," Izuku pushed away. "Stop it."

"Shut up, asshole." The blond smirked.
Hopefully this time, in this world, he'll do better.

Also, he needed to do something about the auto pilot feature and shenanigans that fucking bus. The laugh needs to go. It's creepy as fuck.

"I surrender!" Izuku tapped out, hitting Katsuki's shoulder.

"What a Deku."
Side note:

• izuku had been travelling parallel worlds for a while now. And because he kept jumping, he lost his sense of self.

• in every travel, he's really required to kill his self because they can't exists at the same time.
• the bus was a mix of magic and science. The original one was from steampunk au. I just wanna explain it that's why i added the end.

• izuku created the bus because katsuki died in his world. And he left him that note because izuku likes to tell him about parallel worlds.
• the bus however constantly travels from different dimensions to another. But it comes back for Izuku cause it's tied to him. His appearance and age change in every dimension he goes to.

• katsuki was able to use the bus because he just got lucky. Out of all the worlds, —
• — he's the only Katsuki who was able to use it.

• bottom line, I just want Izuku jumping from one world to another and killing himself on the world lol. Izuku had killed tons of himself already 😂
Also, i will reply tomorrow! I will try 😂

And fun fact my main motivation in writing this is just my brain telling me nonstop:

"What if Katsuki's rival is Katsuki. And izuku's rival is Izuku.

Bkdk vs bkdk.

Think about that, bitch"

So this is my response to my brain.
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