Bitcoin is a life raft, & it's already saved millions worldwide from inflation & poverty.

If your only contribution to a working life raft is to disparage it based on some theories you learned in university, you are a despicable shit.

Make something better or fuck off forever.
Don't like that bitcoin is too volatile?

Do you have a universally accessible asset appreciating at 200%/year with lower volatility to offer as an alternative to people in Lebanon, Venezuela & Turkey?

You don't, which makes you just another despicable central bank cheer-leader.
Bitcoin isn't competing against theories taught by central banks & fiat universities. It's competing against central banks' actual inflationary moneys.

If you're disparaging voluntary bitcoin based on theories, you're promoting central bankers' inflationary slave scrip.
Thousands of people in Lebanon, including me, would have been destitute today if it weren't for bitcoin.

Many more thousands are destitute because they ignored bitcoin. Many of them did so because they listened to fiaters' idiotic moaning about why bitcoin isn't perfect.
Fiat destroys the economic way of thinking & the concept of opportunity cost.

That's why fiat morons disparage bitcoin in favor of nonexistent perfect fantasy money, not realizing the actual opportunity cost of missing bitcoin is central bank money's inflation & destitution.
You're not being smart by pointing out bitcoin is volatile or slow or has limited on-chain capacity.

You're telling people to stay on a sinking boat & turning them away from the only working life raft because it doesn't flatter your worthless life's work & your dumb brainwashing
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