Wish you a very Happy new year to all.

Hindu New Year is on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada that is today

The question is Chaitra Month's 1st day will be Krishna Pratipada .

So why Shukla Pratipada is celebrated as New Year and not Krishna Pratipada ?? Read on... https://twitter.com/monidipadey/status/1381806972408717316
This day also marks the creation of Universe as per Brahma Purana after the previous Pralaya. (remember cyclic nature of time)

There are two traditions, one is called Amāvasyāṃta (अमावस्यांत) and second is Pūrṇimāṃta​ (पूर्णिमांत​).
Amāvasyāṃta is followed in some states e.g Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu etc. and Pūrṇimāṃta​ is followed in some states e.g Orissa, Uttara Pradesha etc

According to Amavasyaṃta tradition, Shukla Paksha Pritipada would be 1st day of Chaitra Month's
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