The truth has been stripped and stands naked for all of us to see.

Pseudo secular ideology has always been about burying history that is not convenient to it (Islamic persecution of Dharmic faiths), amplifying aspects it deems convenient ("brahminical supremacy")
2/n but one thing it explicitly does not care about is Truth and Reconciliation. This was exemplified in the Babri case when many an eminent historian committed perjury in swearing there was never a temple under the mosque.

Why did they do it?

Because in their worldview
3/n a very binary world view, the logic is clear.

Admitting this would mean there was Islamic persecution, which would mean the Majority would seek vengeance against a perceived oppressed minority and thus this should be forestalled.

By gaslighting Dharmics, by
4/n Truschke'ing or Eaton'ing away Islamic persecution they seek to deny the truth.

To paraphrase a ghastly truth, warheit macht frei.

Real reconciliation will happen only when the unvarnished truth is laid bare. Else it will disappear into the ether, manifest
5/5 itself in myraid social media conversations (the oft used "WhatsApp university"), get embellished, varnished and expanded and lead to exactly what the pseudo secular clique want to forestall, a reckoning.
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