Here's the bottom line....the blanket kids gloves treatment given to the #January6th crowd has centuries lasting potential for all further public disobedience, protest&response. The free for all at the U.S. Capitol means the double standard has now meant critique is meaningless.
I don't remember anyone blaming music, or attire or parenting skills or culture or color on #January6th and if you plan to test me...white supremacy can infect anyone...
But tonight there will be right wing vitriol. There will be low key calls for neo-eugenics, there will be shaking of heads by hired Black right-ists who will tweet as their masters bid them....
The memory of this nation is too damn short.
In a nation where the previous executive bid us to worship the idols erected to honor the destroyers of the Union it makes perfect sense that his followers attempted the same.
We are living in a #Frankenmocracy...a frightening Golem composed of #VoterSuppression the #LostCause and #massivereaistance
All in an attempt to derail and disturb the idea of a Multicultural society in favor of a vampiric white nationalism urged on by the fantasy of white replacement theory. Tonight military grade weapons are used on handfuls of protesters that were never used on Capitol rioters
We are viscerally angry. We are hurt. If our feelings do not matter and our facts are ignored, what are the options?
You don't want us to encourage defunding or boycotting and you don't want us to vote....just be real and tell me how we will survive the impasse?
#LindseyGraham the king of the kkkloset told us to just think like him if we want our rights....
That's not an option.
We are never going back to being this country's peasant enslaved class. Ever. We are not going to exist to be victims. We are not here for punishment or traumas. We will never confess inferiority or that treatment of our Ancestors was a "necessary evil"
We are at "Never Again" and frankly we've been here for over 150 years if not 400.
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