One obstacle for major Smash community reforms is the community is not really a community as much as it is a quasi-regional feudal system at worst, a market built on the private ownership rights of individual TO's at best.
Asking for some sort of democratic reform is like asking if the moon has an oxygen problem. The moon doesn't have an oxygen problem; the moon has no oxygen. The Smash community doesn't have a democratic reform problem, it has no democracy through which it can exercise reform!
If we want to get serious about solving the distribution of justice problem in the Smash community, we must start by fixing the distribution of power. For a game that is supposed to be about brotherhood, there is no equality and fraternity to form solidarity and liberty.
Also, I am not saying this as a moralizing that TO's are bad people. I was a TO, and most are of better character than me. I am saying the players themselves need to reorient how they relate to the scene to form a community instead of abdicating responsibility to TOs.
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