There’s a judgy, neo-Calvinist, suburban, white girl, Southern Baptist deputy prosecutor who gloats about putting persons of color on death row ...

Who operates MULTIPLE sock accounts to terrorize and cyber-stalk me on Twitter, with a gang of alt-right collaborating trolls.
She is a real gem!
Besides putting people on death row, this PRIVILEGED suburban white girl Southern Baptist LOVES to gamble!

These are 2 of her online poker avis.
It was her pals who posted and amplified this verifiable lie about my death penalty client.

It all makes sense now.

They are pro-death penalty.
This thread is a compilation of PUBLIC representations made by anonymous sock accounts.

Who knows if any of those public representations are true?

After all, there is no way to test the veracity of anonymous sock accounts as to the public claims they make about themselves.
I have a 1A right to repeat the PUBLIC representations made by the sock accounts gloating about being poker playing, suburban white girl prosecutors who put people on death row.
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