Wanna follow the budget hearing on economic stability tonight, but don't want to watch? We'll be live tweeting!
We're starting! The council agreed on three shared issues, and economic stabilization is one of them. There's time at the end for any issue. We'll get a debrief from the budget director, then invited testimony, then general testimony, then closing remarks
Budget 101 from Jessica Kinnard, the city's budget director. The city works with the counties (Mult, Clark, WA) in the area; Trimet, and Metro. The city does transportation, public utilities, public safety, parks and rec, community development, and city support services
Total budget figures: $5.6 billion, including both dedicated and discretionary money. Only about 10% is discretionary, which is relatively small.
The discretionary funds are primarily going to public safety, with the police getting the most (boo!)
The city is expecting a $20.2 deficit for this forecast.
Jessica is talking about how every office of the city is engaged in economic stabilization. Go here to testify! https://www.portlandoregon.gov/cbo/article/622229
We're headed to invited testimony now. Last time, it was a ton of non-profits, so we'll see if it's the same this hearing.
We've got Jan Mason first, who represents culturally specific chambers of commerce. She's asking for investment in small and newly-created buisiness
(also, there will be typos in this thread. Sorry!)
Jan is also talking about grounding funding decisions in equity, especially for American Recovery Plan (ARPA) funds.
Ashley is our second speaker, she's the ED of Business for a Better PDX, saying that there's a K-shaped
recovery. Important requests: fund innovative partnerships, get ARPA money to folks who didn't get CARES funds. Use supportive housing dollars (we've got our speaker going over, but she hasn't been muted yet; I'm sure general testimony will not get that kindness)
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