Ok, digging into the web side of Parkscon...

1st, the real parkscon21 dot com URL doesn't exist & forces you to magicalmasterclass . com.
2nd, the main vid is on some bizzarro host called Wizia. Which is literally a forced marketing company. Why not YouTube?
There's more

3rd, the site is ACTUALLY hosted, discretely, on fastly--an app/marketing platform.
4th, it gets even better. The site uses content (images, etc) from Kajabi, an online course and classes site.

See where this is going?
Jason Klein, whoever he is, makes sure to mention in the ad/video that you will get these tips and tricks for free during the event. The way he says it, if you watch the video, hints that there are plans to have PAID classes in the future. Marketing lingo 101.
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