@jpaulreed @allspaw I'm reading transcript of lecture Capt Al Haynes gave on how they landed that plane, as well as full cockpit transcript.

Wow. I read this in 1995, knowing so much less all the work aviation has done to enable miracles like this.

http://clear-prop.org/aviation/haynes.html https://twitter.com/PhilDernerJr/status/1165854440974237698
Something that really surprised me. @allspaw @jpaulreed, maybe you know the details?

In this transcript, it appears that there was a Jumpseat Captain that was already handling the throttles, and gave up his spot for Captain Fitch.

…I wonder why they decided to change out person working throttles, after they had so joint working time together already.

It’s interesting to hear Hayes talk about their hopes that the DC-10 instructor would know more: “it took 15m for him to catch up.”

Fascinating to read.
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