It is common to see the Gospel as giving us freedom. This is true.

However a Gospel-centered life is knowing that you have the freedom to do something, and forsaking that freedom, for the benefit of others.
A Gospel-centered life is not encapsulated as a person swimming in a pool full of freedom.

It is more encapsulated in person swimming in freedom, and then stepping out of that pool at times to help others in, though still dripping in water (freedom).
Where do we see this in scripture. Many places. 1 Corinthians 9 being one of them.

Paul had the freedom to receive material things from this particular Church, but forsook it so that it wouldn't be a stumbling block to his preaching (v12).
We see this again in 1 Corinthians 8, where Paul makes it clear that Christians have the 'freedom' to eat food offered to idols.

However they were encouraged to put away that freedom at times, to prevent unbelievers/new believers from being confused or hurt.
It is in this context that we see the famous saying "I became all things to all men".

Paul wasn't speaking about doing the things he enjoyed doing, to win others.

He was speaking about doing things which didn't benefit him at all, so that he could win others.

That's love.
I've found it common for believers to focus on 'freedoms'.

On the freedoms we now have, and how anyone who's not down with that is a Pharisee or immature.

True maturity is knowing you have freedom, and forsaking it at times, for the benefit of others.

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