How many more Black lives will be lost at the hands of police? This is why we need police reform.
Why is the police chief making a conclusion after he refuses to discuss details? We need police reform. A mistake???? How does this happen?? We need police reform.
Expired license plates?? We need police reform. Black people in this country are dying at the hands of police. Anybody confused?
I remember an accidental police shooting in Minnesota four years ago. A Black police officer accidentally shot and killed a white woman. The police officer immediately stated it was an accident and apologized to the family.
He was tried and convicted of 3rd degree murder and 2nd degree manslaughter. The judge refused any leniency and sentenced him to 12 1/2 years in prison. He was the first Minnesota police man to be convicted of an on duty shooting in recent years.
Black police- white victim-justice was swift and stiff. Another unintentional police shooting last night - White police and Black victim. What will justice serve this time? A police chief who had made a conclusion without discussing any facts? Will the police officer apologize?
Will the judge ignore leniency? Will this Black victim and his family in Minnesota see swift and stiff punishment? Does this system need reform? Do the math.
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