This conservative strawman is a bit ridiculous. Here's the way it is:
1) If we can fully vaccinate the US population we will return to something very close to normalcy by summer..
2) by that time restaurants, concerts, ball games, likely without masks...
3) but we cannot do that yet with B.1.1.7 surging, we've only just started vaccinating the US population, only one-third have gotten a single dose, and single dose not great against B.1.1.7 variant
4) once we’re on the other side of this 4th peak, and transmission plummets then we’re in a far better place
5) we’re talking another 6-8 weeks tops
6) so hang on and avoid listening to those “life is cheap” guys who try to discredit Tony, Me, Mike and others. We’re just trying to keep you alive and not have you lose loved ones when we’re so close to fully vaccinating the American 🇺🇸 people
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