I've seen that post going around about "vocal synth fandom opinions" so I suppose I'll write some of mine in this thread as thus:
1.) Many fandoms but especially the vocal synth fandom has associated intense scrutiny with a dialectical criticism and meritable if they're hatch enough. The vocal synth fandom is one of the only fandoms to generate it's own content and the meritocracy of that isn't absolute.
2.) The discussions on good vs bad tuning is primarily in the western fandom. I feel we can acknowledge talented and meticulous tuning as well acknowledge that vocal synths are indeed instruments emulating human voices. It's just fun to have a singing robot in your computer!
3.) Even with the 5 or so prominent English producers (Circus, Kira, Crusher, Myst, Ghost, etc) they still get snubbed by the Western fandom compared to many non Western producers. And it has nothing to do with the extreme talent of these producers, unfortunately...
4.) VOCALOID5 is fine. At it's core is a DAW. The increase in cost was steep but it was aimed at a more professional clientele. I think the Standard Vocals are fine as well, honestly. I do think they removed some rather important features, however.
5.) I don't get why people hate emVoice so much! It legit sounds fine to me.
6.) We should bring back character items.
7.) Japanese vocal synths are often just as understandable to Japanese speakers as English vocal synths to us as English speaker. And even then a lot of real singers, such as Ariana Grande, are difficult to understand. I personally don't mind though!
7.) More vocal synths with weapons. Oliver with a epee?
8.) The desire to avoid Miku formula is as apparent as Miku formula itself. Don't worry to much about it! It's just fun to make your own singing OC! It's okay to have a cybernetic schoolgirl design for your UTAU. It's okay to have kitschy Crypton style name. It's fine to parody!
9.) Not specifically fandom related but being mean gets you nowhere. You don't have to lie to people about the quality of their works but tearing others down makes me sad. And you guys wouldn't wanna make me sad, right?
10.) Why are so many furry UTAUs so high quality? Like I'm not a furry at all but like y'all can really make a singing robot. Good on y'all!
Oh wait I forgot one!
11.) Gachapoid was made as a tool for kids. He's not supposed to sound realistic! It's fine that he sounds silly. I think in actuality he's one of the most important VOCALOIDs out there.
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