Today I was joined by Albertans from constituencies represented by UCP MLAs opposed to public health orders to call on Premier Jason Kenney to take action against these caucus members for threatening public health. 🧵

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Over a quarter of the UCP caucus have spoken out against public health orders as the province faces a third wave of the COVID pandemic driven by new variants that are more infectious and more deadly. Alberta now has the highest rate of new cases per capita in the country.
In spite of this real danger Jason Kenney appears powerless to members of his own caucus from putting Albertans at even greater risk. I’ve never seen anything like this in a parliamentary democracy. This behaviour is irresponsible and dangerous.
These UCP MLAs are sabotaging Alberta’s public health response. This is the weakest and most ineffective leadership I have ever seen from an Alberta Premier. The failure of Jason Kenney and his UCP MLAs leaves many Albertans without a voice.
"As an MLA, their job is to represent their constituents. All of them, and not just the ones that agree with them. These UCP MLAs have failed to hold themselves accountable as government representatives."
- Kellie Verburg, resident of Lacombe-Ponoka
“Religious freedom is not up for debate as it has not been impinged one bit. What is up for debate is whether or not the Premier and his Government fully understands their responsibility to steward this province in a thoughtful way.”
- Reverend Dave Pollard, Cypress-Medicine Hat
On Friday, the mayor and council of Canmore wrote to their MLA Miranda Rosin and asked her to reconsider her signing of the letter in opposition to public health orders.
These UCP MLAs are deliberately and willfully undermining the public health orders that we all must uphold to keep each other safe.
Albertans are making real sacrifices and enduring real hardships to keep themselves and their communities safe only to see their efforts sabotaged by their own MLAs.
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