GET THIS : Canopy Growth got CALLED OUT for mislabelling potency = BIG opportunity

Canopy Growth $CGC is being investigated by Health Canada for inaccurately-labelled potency levels. They put flat 20% THC on 18 different strains. 🧐
Health Canada needs to create a testing standard that all third-party labs should abide by when calculating cannabis potency levels to avoid any possible discrepancies one lab may have compared to others.
This issue is now being raised across the entire cannabis sector and Health Canada is looking to address what is evidently a far reaching issue of lack of transparency in the weed industry.

This is where I see a massive opportunity for $APP.c (Global Cannabis).

$APP has invented cannabis tracking blockchain technology which increases sales and decreases compliance costs for growers, streamlines regulation, and protects consumers.

$APP technology (an app called Efixii) tracks cannabis from genetics through the growing process, regulation, shipping, and consumption all through blockchain. This info can then be accessed by growers, regulators, customs, and consumers by scanning a QR code on the labelling.
This amount of transparency is essential in this growing global industry and $APP is certainly poised to grow massively as this issue becomes more important to regulators and consumers.
IMO decentralization and blockchain are going to be the future and I think this is a clear example of an extremely valuable application of the technology.
Currently operating in Canada, Israel, and expanding to South Africa, South America, and potentially the US, this Saas technology has the ability to be applied to any cannabis industry in the world.
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