Police, civil administration and political leadership shall deal with protestors of any party, either from TLP or whosoever. It's not the job of a Lieutenant Colonel to go and request protesters to open roads for traffic.

Police? DC? RPO? Absent!
When protestors are on roads & cause problems for common people or traffic; the ACs, DCs & others whom we see on Twitter posing for pics the whole day hibernate themselves & leave the matters to either rangers or army. It's a civil protest, come and handle it. MNA of the area?
RPO, DPO, SDPO, DC, AC, MNA & MPA are part of establishment setup of an area & are responsible for maintaining law & order. Unfortunately, we've never seen them in case of such protests (except DC Islamabad) in their area of jurisdiction. It's a civil protest, came & handle!
When rangers or army convince these protestors to clear roads and go home through one or other way, then you people start complaining about the way which has been used.

Those who're being paid for handling such civil protests remain absent!
Political representatives of an area where such protests are staged i.e MNA and MPA shall be the first ones to go and talk to the protestors, because they're the representatives and people listen to them; backed by police officers & stakeholders of district adminstration.
When protestors start damaging public property or choke main roads, then rangers or army arrive because they've no other option left with them. When they disperse such protestors; people start complaining. Why army? Why rangers? How they dispersed them? Not the right way & crap!
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