There are motives behind this defund the police, people are not going be happy with. There is an active plan to federalize the police bring in UN peace keepers which is policed by nato. They corrupt politicians want to do away with Sheriffs not the police force.
This was set in to motion with UN strong cities network. Local police to be replaced by UN's peace keepers aka NATO troops and non-citizen mercenaries through the strong cities network UN to run local police boards U.S. cities.
I need you to understand what is at stake. It is America as we know it. The goal is to have the Constitution replaced, by the United Nations’ (UN) Bill of Human Rights.
Be careful what you wish for not everything is what it seems, these riots and looting will be used to justify their actions leading into the a globalist government having more control.
Pay attention to Bills being pushed by Congress. Pay attention to wording. Pay attention to stories of local Sheriffs threatening to deputize law abiding citizens.all these things are connected.
They planted the seeds and wrote the bills. HR7120. I predict hr7120 will be re-introduced 117th Congress, possibly in the name of a recent victim of a police shooting.
H.R.127- Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act

(Introduced 01/04/2021)
Rep. Jackson Lee, Sheila [D-TX-18]🔻
Read HR 127 thoroughly please.
Local elected sheriffs are fighting for your constitutional right to protect yourself. Why are people pushing for gun control legislation that would disarm aw abiding citizens from Joe Biden.
Ive been told I would have make a great villain, if I didnt have a conscious. People think I'm paranoid, the government would never do things like this. Dont be naive, things like this have happened before in American History.
Rt. @FertilizerMkts The #DefundThePolice campaign is a precursor. We forgot the US signed up to #UN #Kigali Principles. UN police troops can intervene in the US during armed conflicts. EO by #Obama supporting the principles a bill HR 1111 that seems as an early framework for it
Rt. @FertilizerMkts
The mission of UN Police is to enhance international peace and security by supporting Member-States in conflict, post-conflict and other crisis situations.
Rt. @FertilizerMkts
One of the goals of this unrest is to nationalize and globalize American law enforcement to pave the way for tyranny, as proven by their own documents and statements. Obama and the UN were both open about the goals.
Both @FertilizerMkts & I have made several threads on this topic before. Months, years ago. We are currently seeing the plans that were set in motion being played out now, that is why I feel the need to re-share.
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