It's been a long time, but we're getting the band back together for one last #Reed900 adventure -

#DetroitReawakening is a remake of our first film Detroit Awakening, with new scenes and our cast from Detroit Evolution - Maximilian Koger, Chris Trindade, and Michael Smallwood.
In addition to remaking the iconic scenes from Detroit Awakening, it will also serve as a live action adaptation of Irrevocably Linked - a frame story about Gavin and Nines reflecting about the events of DA after they became a couple in Detroit Evolution 
We will open a crowdfunding campaign for the film in mid May so keep an eye out for more information there and feel free to @ me with questions! You can see our Twitch VOD announcement and upcoming Youtube VOD for more details.
I guess a couple more things off the top of my head:

1. Run time will be in the 25-30 min range because of the addition of the new Irrevocably Linked scenes
2. Est shoot end of the summer
3. Est release date early 2022 (first three months)
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